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Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Ping An safety concept gold medal reputation along with the construction and improvement of China’s highway network, the advantages of road transport has become increasingly prominent, more and more trucks on the road. However, the truck driver in a busy rush on the occasion, fatigue driving, illegal but often happen, therefore, to strengthen the safety of the truck driver’s propaganda and education has been urgent. In order to make more people pay attention to the truck, truck driving safety concerns, in October 12th, by the Anhui Jiang Huai Automobile Corp, Anhui radio and television "Blue Dolphin · the sound of the truck" hosted "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" once again into the Anhui Jieshou City People’s Square, the popularity of safety concept as a truck driver, passing out of charity care for truck people, to assume corporate social responsibility of national enterprises. The social responsibility of the enterprise for the first brand charity card security guard at present, our country has 30 million truck drivers run around outside year round, carrying more than 75% of the total China logistics transportation, which ranked first in the world. According to the latest statistics show that in 2015, Anhui province occurred in 13736 cases of road traffic accidents, resulting in a total of 2594 people were killed and 15343 injured. Among them, the number of road traffic accidents caused by freight vehicles accounted for 14.5% of the total number of deaths accounted for the total number of 26.9%. These traffic accidents are mainly due to the lack of awareness of some truck drivers traffic safety, traffic laws and regulations are not familiar with. This will not only bring huge economic losses to transport enterprises, but also a great threat to the safety of the driver. In order to enhance the truck driver’s traffic safety and civilized travel awareness, help the majority of cardholders to gradually establish a safe driving habits, "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" brand series of public service activities carried out gradually in many areas. Participate in the activities of Master Sun has twenty years of driving experience. Speaking of safe and civilized driving, he recalled a thrilling encounter that year. At that time, Master Sun driving his money to buy a new issue of driving in Anhui Fuyang koal Taihe County on the road. It was snowing, the road was wet and the speed was about forty yards. Suddenly the road right in front of a tricycle transverse drive, Master Sun immediately taken to the emergency brake, direction. Fortunately, he timely response, did not hit the tricycle, but the van was out of control into a telephone pole on the roadside, because of high safety performance protection vehicle, Master Sun near misses and no injuries. Through this lesson, Master Sun would like to tell you that in the daily driving process, such as encountered in front of unknown situation, should increase attention slow, slow whistle, careful driving. He said: the most important thing is to drive safety, if there is no security, family and happiness is empty talk! Jianghuai ghalefar has always been my most trusted friend, like the "joint action · Jianghuai pinganxing" this meaningful activity, I am really looking forward to it has been held down!" Excellent customer service service quality all praise as a senior fans Jianghuai ghalefar, participate in the joint action of · captain Zhang Jianghuai pinganxing "activities.相关的主题文章: