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The Jackie Chan movie "scrap" turned art advocate of environmental protection by the Shanghai people blitz – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, August 26 (Zheng Yingying) 25 yuan a Jackie Chan film recycling ruler, became the opening here 26 days of Shanghai design week Shanghu who touted the object. "This is really fun, I gave my son a" one to show mom to the light, see the film in the ruler with interest, immediately after the electronic payment scan code. The film recycling ruler looks and ordinary ruler difference is not big, but with six grid film, equivalent to the film in 1/4 seconds. On site staff, this is the film recycling Jackie Chan movie "young soldiers" in made, made the first batch of about two thousand rulers, "each are not the same." In addition, according to reports, Jackie Chan starred in the other two films "myth", "new police story" film has been recycled, will be made of similar products. The digital era, the film has been rare, and it is Jackie Chan’s movie, so this "freeze" movie creative products, attracted in a continuous line of inquiry. In addition to the film recycling box, three feet, tripod, old movie lamp transformers and other film equipment parts, in the exhibition are transformed into a film with the imprint of art exhibit. Works of "full treasure" has a "robot" of the brain, Recyclable garbage box body is made of film box and triangular lights, next to the text prompts, "the baby is hungry to eat plastic bottles, but also particularly marked to pressure to eat" (compressed plastic bottle and then discarded). In addition, there will be singing "octopus song" is a film box and old abandoned motorcycles adapted works; "Photosynthesis", the old three foot combined with green plants have a unique style. It is reported that this is the first time Jackie Chan film waste art exhibition Shanghai design activities week, aims to promote the concept of sustainable environmental protection, and let these old things to live again. (end)相关的主题文章: