Japan under the age of aging 100 years old still do sales-footman

The aging crisis in Japan: 100 years old still do sales of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the aging crisis of the Japanese labor is not enough, for the elderly? The latest employment data released by the Japanese labor market continued singing all the way, the unemployment rate in July fell to 3%, is the lowest level since 1995. Job vacancies and job seekers ratio held steady at 1.37, the highest level since August 1991. Labor survey data released in August 9th showed that in the two quarter, the number of unemployed in Japan fell by 100 thousand. Unemployment continues to fall due to structural factors and insufficient demand. Although the situation is very good, but Barclay analysts pointed out that Japan still needs to implement appropriate labor policy, in order to resolve the shortage of labor due to supply. 100 year old salesman in the aging population, the Japanese society has been running in front of the world. In 2015, Japan’s population aged 65 or above accounted for nearly 27% of the total population, the labor market in the country to bring a lot of pressure. But at the same time, Japan also began to use the aging population to supplement the labor force. These days, more and more employers are beginning to treat the elderly as a valuable resource. Japanese cosmetics brand Pola is well versed in the road, it’s a sales staff also recently ushered in the 100th birthday. In June, a Pola Pola store sales team in Tokyo Setagaya District, understand the company’s new products and promotional activities. The 83 year old manager Shanshan (Miyoko Sugiyama) to start the training. Retailers often hang up customer databases. But the customer data are recorded in the mountains. Of his more than and 30 customer preferences, age, health status and shopping habits, she knows. A new product launch, she can ride a bike or take the subway to visit. The octogenarian energy let young people can not help but shame. In the whole of Japan, such as Sugiyama Pola beauty guide has about 50 thousand people. They are as independent operators, and Pola signed a contract to engage in door-to-door sales, and as the main customers of the brand housewives to form a long-term, close relationship. In 1937, Pola started to recruit sales staff, apply for avalanche. At that time, Japanese women rarely have the opportunity to go out to work. Today, Pola said there is no retirement age, sales representatives as long as they are willing to work indefinitely. In its 50 thousand beauty guidance, the age of more than and 70, there are 5500 people, aged more than and 80, there are 2500 people, aged more than and 90, there are also 250. Shan began working for Pola 40 years ago, so far, she has sold Pola cosmetics of 180 million yen. Some beauty guide further, responsible for more than two shops. 76 year old (Sayaka Honjo) is the top sales representative of Pola,相关的主题文章: