Japanese media, the government intends to step down after the emperor during his lifetime new identi-tinyos

Japanese media: Japanese government intends to use the new identity after the abdication of the emperor during his lifetime in law the original title: Japanese media: Japanese government intends to be the emperor during his lifetime after the abdication of new identity into law according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s local time this afternoon of 8 March 3 by video expressed as a symbol of the emperor on business ideas, to show strong desire to achieve his abdication. The picture shows the audience watching the emperor through the big screen video. In October 10, according to Japanese media reported on 10, the Japanese government official said 9 that the Japanese government has begun to discuss the call. After the abdication of the emperor during his lifetime writing related laws. After the abdication of the emperor that can also be used as a royal family with a new "body" (status). The Japanese government is prepared to focus mainly on the current law of the emperor to coordinate the work of the special. Clear only for the current emperor, there is still the abdication of time writing provisions scheme. The specific address after the abdication will combine the 17 meeting of experts held its first meeting on the future discussion to study. In Japan, "model of the royal family" provisions of the "Queen", "Prince" and "the Prince" royal highness and scope. The emperor’s spirit and body in seriously ill state, can be set up on behalf of the provisions of the constitution of the "state action" "Regent" position, but not before the abdication of the provisions. Because of no legal status after the abdication and call provisions, the government intends to call the new writing special law. The history of the abdication of the emperor called "retired emperor", referred to as the "emperor", if a monk is called "emperor". Perfect the relevant laws, after the abdication of residence and office staff responsible for the care of the living intrauterine scale will also become a topic of discussion. Within the government, there was a suggestion that should be included in the specific period of abdication provisions in special law. This may be considered "the current emperor in Heisei × × × × on the abdication" and other statements, but does not apply to the crown prince’s heir to the throne. However, the special law applies only to the current emperor, constitutional scholars and so has the view that "to a specific person as the object of the law is too casual, not identity, or it will become the focus of the meeting of experts. It is reported that the Japanese government will convene a number of expert meetings every month to listen to the views of the Royal system of experts and constitutional scholars, and summarize the argument. There are also comments that require careful discussion, and the argument may last until next year. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: