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Jia Nailiang’s "in the mood" cliff Li Xiaolu: "waiting for you" – Jia Nailiang Jia Nailiang and OD self entertainment Sohu’s bucket collective Sohu high hop entertainment news in August 27th, led by Jia Nailiang, Guo Degang, Lu Yi, OD, Jin Shengzhu, the "Eleventh men" in the mood for the upcoming broadcast period. Broadcast is coming to an end, God relationship is also more and more deep, in the new period, the team will write to each other a v.says, estimates will broadcast provoked many viewers eye tears. At a later stage, the program group play more and more tricks, not only organized collective fishing, also with Greece’s donkey came to a close interaction. The team last came to Santorini, in the famous Kumar in beach experience the characteristics of local projects — the cliff jumped into the sea. Look at the tourists a jump from the high cliff sea, male gods terrified, back up. Jia Nailiang was still the first brave men who rushed out, take the lead, the collective applause. With the family, Jia Nailiang and OD have the same feeling: I feel the burden on the body, become timid, do things will be more scruples." But after this breakthrough, Jia Nailiang has a new feeling: the more afraid of things, the more we have to face!" Because the program is recorded continuously, to Santorini, the men have been home for nearly a month. Intimate program group to prepare for everyone from the family’s surprise. Li Xiaolu expressed in the video of the love of Jia Nailiang: because a long time can not sleep well, his spine has become bent, tired when the heart will be associated with pain." Did not expect to bring happiness to everyone has always insisted Jia Nailiang is wounded the recording, the program group also moved to hear. In addition to express concern, Li Xiaolu is taking affection: "I am at home with your sweet sweet", Jia Nailiang moved to red eyes.   相关的主题文章: