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"Jibixiaoxin" exposed the ultimate notice mysterious girl KOSAKI debut – Sohu entertainment "jibixiaoxin: dream world assault" girl fans of the ultimate poster KOSAKI debut with new buddies together to attack the Sohu this year is the entertainment news cartoon "crayon" published twenty-fourth years, countless fans and it grew up together, childhood memories full. This time, the highly anticipated new movie "jibixiaoxin: dream world assault" finally landing the mainland screen! Fixed file November 4th news came out, many small partners are crazy. Always play small adorable sale led the wind, dumb, Nini, white male, who composed Kasukabe guard, this opened a fantastic adventure in the world of the dream. A new member of the defense team Kasukabe added! The debut trailer joke adds an opening, Yoshinaga teacher introduced a new student to the class: sunflower kosaki. Just a debut with new face magic broken ass disposable chopsticks nonsense show, do not know the new student heart shadow area there? Not familiar with the new features of the new role has always been cheap adorable KOSAKI, touch heaven fearless afraid of green pepper small, must be full of humor, sparks, the thought of looking forward to. Nini is invited to join Frank KOSAKI, "maintaining Kasukabe peace" for the purpose of Kasukabe guard, to the dream world battle. When the dream world key mystery girl KOSAKI, issued a distress signal, helpless to the new beauty? And was also a beautiful girl and Guangzhi Superman image into battle, dumbfounding, KOSAKI and can guard with the dangerous unscathed? Old faces full debut comedy constantly new childhood memories of the return, nature does not change, still love to eat, play, love loquacious, often people get confused and disoriented. The poster, to have a dream long legs are white, subtly malicious men, a princess of heart, which arrives from Nini aristocratic wind, and "stone". Other familiar faces full debut, is ready to black seems to indicate that they are in danger. But with hilarious funny means to resolve the crisis is always a new masterpiece, the novel brain hole was always let the audience see the new admiration, in the dream world in his shrink round volleyball, let bikinis are pat to know his crooked ideas how brain hole wide open. The new will not only continue to perform funny plot, has always been a force him, presumably will also bring many unexpected jokes. Although the past 24 years, 5 years old or new, but each new theatrical version, with the childlike funny way to learn to grow up, learn to cherish, very touching. The film will be landing in mainland theaters in November 4th.相关的主题文章: