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Jing Ke Vancouver Film Festival to win the title "where are you" won four awards – Beijing 2016 fourth Vancouver Chinese Film Festival Awards in 11 local time on the evening of 19 formal start, from different countries long short start for the Chinese Film Festival 15 awards. Directed by Fan Haolun, Chinese crime genre "Jing Ke strength actor starring" where are you from different countries beat more than and 10 feature film, best actress, won the fourth Vancouver Film Festival best film, best cinematography, best director, four awards. The red carpet in Venice fell and was the subject China star director Michael Jing Ke (Liang Jingke) in Vancouver shine, won the "best actress award". The Vancouver Chinese Film Festival is the third international Chinese Film Festival after the London International Chinese Film Festival and the golden koala International Chinese film festival. Won the Hao Ning in 2014 second Vancouver Chinese Film Festival director of the "no man’s land" two awards (best film, best actor). Best actor by mainland well-known actor Huang Bo won, Song Jia with "Xiao Hong" won the best actress award. Chinese mainland movie "new reasoning labyrinth" 2015 third Vancouver Chinese Film Festival won the "Maple Leaf" award for best screenplay, and then released "new labyrinth" won the audience’s box office reputation double harvest Chinese. As a type of crime, "in which you were" deeply, in the period have great originality, premiered at the Venice Film Festival has received wide acclaim, raised concerns and expectations from the media around the world. The Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, but there is a lot of media director Fan Haolun gave high evaluation, but also on the heroine King Ke acting praise. With superb acting Chinese Jing Ke star shine in the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, won the "Best Actress Award", a strong comeback was sealed shadow with a variety of recent works "gossip". In the early days of the original Jing Ke carrying the film at the Venice Film Festival, wearing a green dress sexy and elegant appearance but because her skirt is too long, the high heel accident caused her ankle fall caused "network slobber war", by some media and netizens questioned the hype. Jing Ke with superb acting at the Vancouver film festival for his works with strong attachment, "in". It is reported that "you" by the new director homing in what Fan Haolun wrote, Jing Ke starring actor strength, the story revolves around the lost actress and daughter, "the truth" two words throughout the whole film, fast rhythm of the story and the interlocking suspense bombarded the brain, so that the audience can not help but fall into the reality of social thought. The film as China’s first focus on the edge of the edge of the crime and social issues of the crime genre, the desire to show the human nature. Not only that, the director Fan Haolun in the film using a large number of special lens language, as well as superb long lens and very simple lines to promote double, to express the tension of the atmosphere and the psychological character. The same is the fuse narrative typical, from the beginning to the end, the audience unconsciously has not get into the feeling, follow the actors together in life and death on the line of the anxious inextricably bogged down in crisis..相关的主题文章: