Joe Chen challenges the coin eye – Sohu entertainment fans provoke envy eyes-sexinse

Joe Chen challenges the "coin eye" – Sohu entertainment fans envy eyes with Joe Chen sun " "   coin eye; Sohu entertainment Joe Chen debut 15 years, from the program to conduct a drama queen, acting is sure, sweet appearance and cordial smile also attracted many fans. She had previously placed in the supraclavicular egg, showing the devil a good figure, and the mainland recently appeared "coin eye" new challenges, have a pair of large electric eye she rushed to the day before drying out the "coin eye" photos, let fans see the call "super envy". Joe Chen wrote on micro-blog in November 4th, "get today to a new word, coin eye!" She also shared a challenge from the camera, in the picture she put a coin in the eyes, can see her eyes round as big as coins, let the fans envy, "big eyes.", "a pair of beautiful eyes", but also the netizen said sadly, "my eyes are sideways think of all love their coins." Funny message so many friends laugh. Joe Chen’s "coin eye" after the sun has attracted many fans attention, there are a lot of people noticed her forehead had a scar, asking "how," she explained "forehead injury his face scratched" also attach a tanshou map, very cute.   相关的主题文章: