Junior high school students because mother don’t let go of the bar alarm father abused my ex-wife (v win7codecs

Junior high school students because mother don’t let go of the bar alarm: father abused my ex-wife Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Gu Qi Wenxuan Motomori) "my dad’s ex-wife lock me up let me eat, she hit me! Please help me!" In November 13th, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau Qixia Longtan police station received the alarm, the police investigation found that the alarm is a junior high school boy, he was dissatisfied with the discipline of their mother, at a false alarm. After receiving the alarm, police rushed to the scene. A more than and 10 year old boy with a yellow hair said he called the police, and the police learned that he was called his father’s ex-wife is actually his own mother. Modern Express reporter learned that the alarm is a junior high school student Li, parents divorced mother lives. Xiao Li adolescent, very rebellious, often Taoke, removed from the bar all day. Alarm the night before, Li and friends in the bar play to come home late at night, the mother is very angry, and Xiao Li in the room and let him, did not think Mike has alarm. See the police, Mike’s mother gas cried: "this child naughty bear, I have no way to control him. Ask the police to help him." Eventually, in the police persuasion, Mike apologized to his mother, and said that he will go to a good school, don’t let mother sad. Police advise, rebellious children have a kind of feeling that they are adults, I think I can do a lot of things, hoping to attract the attention of others. But this age of the child is very immature, so the need for parents to communicate more than children, and guide them to have a correct outlook on life values. (both text characters pseudonym) extended video: has nothing to do with the original to let his wife cruel father son of cruelty to change mind相关的主题文章: