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Liangshan Cliff Village Road 1500 steel built Shangtianti cliffs Cliff Village 1500 Revisited (Figure) pipe to create a new "ladder" nearing completion in October 13th, Sichuan (micro-blog) in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, ADO Adler village is famous cliff village. The cliff village mouth’s history can be traced back to 200 years ago, the village is located at an altitude of 1600 meters of a mountain slope. Nearly 1000 meters from the bottom of the hill to the top of the village village primary school lrrr elevation. The villagers went to the outside world, the need to follow the cliff to climb 17 climbing vine ladder, which is close to the village of almost perpendicular to the length of the vine ladder connected about 100 meters (about two meters). In August this year, a new steel to create a "ladder" began in the village, has now been repaired 4/5. A color Wuha hand hold the handrail, a hand pinch that calculation, more than and 10 days later, Gangti would be completed, at that time just to catch up with the Yi Yi years, is one of the most happy day, "would not have to walk dangerous children home rattan ladder road". This is a vine climbing ladder middle-aged, spit Yi accent of Sichuan dialect, Han Xiao said I do not know where to learn the slogan, "traffic is done, only the development of economy."相关的主题文章: