Litang Sichuan 9.23 earthquake caused 6 houses collapsed in Beijing acbel

Litang Sichuan "9.23" earthquake caused 6 houses collapsed – Beijing Litang Wo Ni Xiang Ze Krzysztof wa Cun collapse because of the earthquake damaged buildings. The new network in Chengdu Litang announced on 23 September, (Liu Zhongjun Ye Qiang Ping Wangjuan) reporter 23 PM from Litang County "Sichuan Ganzi 9.23 earthquake relief headquarters was informed that the two earthquake occurred in the territory has caused 6 houses collapsed, part of the village road traffic is blocked, no casualties reported. On the morning of 23, has 4.9, 5.1 earthquake occurred in Litang county. After the disaster, the local launched three earthquake emergency plan, sent a work team to Wo Ni Xiang to check disaster nuclear disaster quickly, and the rest of the township has also sent people to check disaster. Affected by the earthquake, Litang he ni Xiang there are 6 houses collapsed and 15 houses severely damaged, 293 houses damaged lightly. The earthquake also caused the village patency of bridges and culverts damaged 3, bridge damage 20, pass the village smooth roads damaged 20 kilometers, no reports of casualties. According to the situation, the local has established an emergency headquarters under the command to check disaster nuclear disaster group, propaganda group, medical insurance group, logistics group, emergency relief group and discipline inspection teams and other 6 teams to carry out relief work, good earthquake disaster preparedness. According to the Batang County Propaganda Department news, because is very close to the epicenter, the territory of the county and township, Lieyi Township, township, Luo Xiang CuO pull tea, township, Pine Township, pogo multi, Jia Ying Xiang Mo duo Xiang BA Xiang, Lawaxiang, party, Bomi Township, Batang Town township was felt no casualties. The working group rushed to the earthquake after the earthquake sent the local village, into the school survey, understand the disaster situation, and the area covered by the school students transferred to temporary shelters for rest, pay close attention to secondary disasters, and make people work to appease. Because the distribution is relatively dispersed in remote rural Batang County, after a preliminary verification of the earthquake has caused 8 towns more than 630 Batang houses damaged to varying degrees, 3 village road block, 5.4 km canal leakage, resulting in economic losses of about 500 yuan. It is reported that, in order to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters after the earthquake, Litang, Batang County is two earthquake hazard investigation, the earthquake affected people’s stability, two related disaster still further verification. (end)相关的主题文章: