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"Little man" because of how to make teaching materials is the primary school boys know yourself? 12, Shanghai Education Publishing House launched the first domestic primary school for boys tailored sex education materials – "little man", the material around the small boys grow up must face gender related confusion, mainly to help them understand the physiological, psychological and other aspects of knowledge, enhance the basic ability to protect and accept their thus, to enhance literacy courage and dare to play, to become a "little man". These years, with the "weak" boy crisis "reports to" save the boys "emerge in an endless stream, become the voice of many experts and scholars. This call seems to have a realistic basis: on the one hand, the champion Lang to champion flower change trend is obvious, 1999-2008 years, the proportion of college entrance examination in the proportion of boys dropped from 66.2% to 39.7%. In 1999, the country has been dominated by men in the world; on the other hand, it is a lot of boys become effeminate, lack of masculinity. Based on this reality, Shanghai Education Publishing House launched the first sex education textbook – "little man", which made a lot of good boy topics, for example, "why I am not a boy girl" "boys and girls" what are the different "father to son means what" and "why do men have" excuse me "life to talk buddy loyalty, these problems are very practical value. In addition, the gender teaching materials on sexual physiology, sexual psychology and other aspects of knowledge involved, is a supplement to the lack of domestic sex education. Although there are a lot of benefits, but the gender teaching material has attracted a lot of criticism and questioning. For example, some people think that this material is of little value; some people believe that the so-called "man crisis" is a false proposition, but also revealed the tendency behind the macho culture, to the so-called "manly" materials, three is not positive…… Have to say, these criticisms and questions, said a little heavy, it is inevitable that criticism and criticism for questioning and suspicion. After all, a textbook only, do not need to be too high. It is easy to criticize education, but the problem is that it is difficult to deconstruct. The gender textbooks, and the subsequent launch of the female gender is male and female students according to the teaching materials, but different psychological and physiological characteristics of design education materials, nationalism and chauvinism, feminism actually Never mind. In the end, the "gender textbooks" just according to the different characteristics of male and female students of different education, is another kind of individualized practice. At this stage, may wish to give more space and opportunities for gender textbooks.相关的主题文章: