Live addicted to play Lee Hom change network red want to reproduce the expression pack winbook

Lee Hom became addicted to broadcast network to reproduce the red face pack Lee Hom in the CCTV program Conference for the first time to try to live together, Sa Beining Lee Hom in the broadcast contribution expression package show "cross eye" second "expression package" Sina entertainment Lee Hom [micro-blog] to play live addiction! Since its debut on the holding of "Prince of love songs" elegant image of Lee Hom, a big increase in the "novelty" interest, this morning is in micro-blog on their generous notice will officially enter the live session, many users refer to: "elder brother live, must see about!" In fact, this is not Lee Hom’s first live. Before, in the challenge impossible, the press conference, Lee Hom gave his first live show. In the process of live, not only for the users of Lee Hom spare no effort dedicated "eye", "tongue" expression package, completely throw away the burden idol, let users call "live long". "Restless" he will shake to the same lens at the age of 78 "Chinese detective" Dr. Li Changyu, Dr. Lee in front of the camera to sell adorable funny, so users can refer to the lovely". Together into the mirror Qing Dong dress in red is very beautiful to watch live users can not help but exclaim, "for the first time to see live such a large amount of information". Lee Hom still did not forget to live in Li Changyu for marriage tips, also said it would temporarily retreat heart to accompany his wife and daughter to greet the new member of the family, let users watch really harvest a large number of dog food". Lee Hom also cited the live scene with Sa Beining [micro-blog] to play big heart, in Lee Hom’s "assault training", together for the netizens offer up to three hours of live funny. In the quiet life of few words of Lee Hom, a live is so funny, "the adorable contrast" also let many users shouted cute. On the micro-blog, Lee Hom revealed live again, will be at the scene of the fans meeting, which is to make the world’s big fans of the rhythm of the reunion. The majority of users have to live moves, and said this holiday travel, stay at home and watch live.相关的主题文章: