Lol world championship team list released – Sina hero League

LOL world finals teams released a list of sina hero alliance zone with the global summer season has ended the contest, "hero alliance" season 2016 world finals of the war has also sounded. Beijing time on September 6th, C9 in the bubbling tournament win, won the North American division last season to the finals, so far, 2016 NBA Finals 16 participating team finally settled. They are: LPL, RNG, IM Division: EDG LCK: ROX, SKT, Tiger in SSG NA LCS TSM, CLG, C9 Division: EU LCS: G2, H2K, Splyce division LMS Division: FW, AHQ: INTZ, ANX card division 2016 season world final list of participating teams: LPL three who set off to break through the self? The three teams on the LPL division, game player them’s progress that is very familiar. And the finals, LPL Division will be the main melody to "breakthrough". The three team, EDG due to head victory win a game player and much attention. In retrospect, the two EDG is blocked in the semi-finals of the door, in 2014 they lost to the royal family, 2015 and was blocked by Fnatic, now the two in the finals against the EDG team failed to qualify, then, can break the curse of eight, further more. Will be the primary goal of EDG. On the field of Clearlove RNG, IM teams are the first time to participate in the season’s global finals, no matter what kind of results, will be their best results in the finals in this field. For RNG, which also contains another layer of self transcendence meaning – UZI has won the two world finals runner up. For IM, from the team in the LPL division’s performance in all aspects, there is still room for improvement. But in the playoffs and show the bubble game team tenacity and creativity is concerned, you may have a chance to let them have some surprises to game player. LCK Division: the way of ambitious programming for the LCK division, an extremely competitive environment gave birth to the leading position of the overall strength of the division, but this year the Koreans did not bring surprises for us, three top teams have the NBA Finals in history. Two of them, SKT and Samsung, have won the championship finals. Taking into account the three team strong strength and different style, they are still the NBA Finals championship — in order to LCK to be able to defend the division, for the SKT of this legendary team, more hope to become the first team in the history of successfully defending season finals champion team. SKT desire to create a legend for review of the defending three teams and LPL division team record against, SSG is only inherited the "Samsung" team name, the whole team is restructuring and. Tiger ROX is over.相关的主题文章: