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Long short battle diving from the three most secret triggered at any moment this paper starts from the micro signal: multitray master (fupan588) last night China football team and Iran national football nil to shake hands, people can not help but sigh: how Gao Hongbo will be Asia’s first down to the country foot level!? Answer: imitation A shares unique obviously national team "Kongpan" mode, the soft flesh, let them have no way. On the other hand, after the end of the game last night’s subway outage, 30 thousand fans stranded throughout the city all by car, to 10 times the price of cheating, is also ruthless than evil zhuang"! Multitray master disk analysis: as yesterday (fupan588) mentioned in the article, today gaosongzhuan and sub sector shares were abandoned, people love to hate banks, brokerage weights of the two reproduction of demons, the year plus line suppression, the stock index finished lower today, from the jump floating green water once. The disk, in the drive hot PPP mode to the government, the subject shares there is a clear differentiation trend, PPP stocks once again staged speed and passion, driven by environmental protection and ecological landscape stocks rose, instantly bursting on the market to make money effect. Multitray master think this concept is also affected by the recent still ongoing, policy support, market outlook may be appropriate for tracking. Afternoon continue around the 3100 point mark integer within a narrow range, apparently lack of upside momentum, resulting in down trend. Today, although the volume continued to enlarge the situation, after yesterday’s market overall net inflow of funds only one day, today once again showed a net outflow of funds situation, that line in the vicinity of the market cautious sentiment is still dominant. So investors continue to rest or to participate in a small amount of hot spots, such as PPP. Diving from the three major: first, long funds lack of confidence in the whole disk led to do more atmosphere is not strong. Second, 3100 points above the fuse caused by the lock plate and the national team holdings of bank shares, so the disk long funds also dare to move. Third, debt plan has not issued, the potential uncertainty has not yet landed, so long as hedge funds flee. How to operate tomorrow: news, rumors broke, universal insurance new regulations boots finally landed, long-term favorable capital market. Two financial balance of up to two liters to break through the 900 billion mark, indicating that the financing of the A-share market A regain confidence in the market outlook is conducive to the continuation of the rally. At the same time, Shanghai shares through the capital to generous hunters A shares market, twenty-four consecutive trading days showed a net inflow of foreign capital, continued accumulation from the side that optimistic about the A shares after the potential market rebound. Technically, Monday and today K-line highly similar, capital rallies to honor a stronger desire, although proven at the bottom of the medium-term, short-term market downside risk has been basically lifted, but expect rapid rise is still not a reality. Fortunately, Shanghai refers to suppress the daily level of the break in the line and gradually move the center of gravity, the multi regression shows more kinetic energy. 60 minute level BOLL channel mouth opening, open up the space. At the same time, MACD MACD divergence indicators continue with red pillars constantly stretched, that many of the upside will is very strong. However, while the 15 minute level MACD index has formed Sicha down, indicating that the short side has begun;相关的主题文章: