Love! Navy 35 couples held a collective wedding (Figure)

Love! Navy 35 couples held a collective wedding (Figure) original title: the East China Sea fleet of a destroyer detachment for the officers and soldiers held the second session of the East China Sea fleet of a group of destroyers for the officers and soldiers of the group held a collective wedding of the second. Shi Kuiji photo of the East China Sea fleet of a destroyer detachment held for the second collective wedding. Shi Kuiji photo Beijing, Zhoushan, September 24, (Lin Jian, Shi Kuiji, Meng Yunfei, Sihang) September 24th, August lunar 24, an auspicious occasion, Zhejiang a military port in Zhoushan everywhere permeated with a festive, the East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment here for 35 pairs of new collective wedding ceremony held. This is the detachment held second "sea warships as witness ·" collective wedding theme. Benefit officers and men to persevere in doing things." The team leader told reporters that in recent years, with the expansion of naval missions, the average time to ship up to 200 days, and for the passengers, the sea shore perennial home, held a collective wedding ceremony is to make a memorable wedding for officers and soldiers off tasks to get married, also let the families of officers and soldiers into the army, the Navy, to support navy. Stylish atmosphere of the Navy, to marry the bride from the romantic sea. 9:30, 35 soldiers from the brigade in different positions, dressed in White Navy Dress, wearing a wedding in the bride, in the cheerful melody and the cheers of the officers and men to turn from the dock boarded the 3 ships boats "marriage". Blue sky reflected in your hand forever. The bridegroom Yang Cai tightly holding the bride of Huang Weisang’s hand, carefully guide she boarded the gangway, happy thoughts by floating to 5 years ago, they met in Xiamen on the ferry to the Gulangyu Islet, and the seeds of love in two young people in root. Because of the sea soon, but also because of the sea far more. As a naval ship, with the sea mission is Yang Cai normal work, 5 years, they meet the total number of less than 10 times, but they treat love is always true to the core. Now they will ride on the boat, "happy marriage" through the sea barrier, on the harbor of love, love. They were the sea soon, the end result of the very life of the navy! East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment for the officers and men held the second collective wedding. Photo by Shi Kuiji at 10 o’clock, escorting the formation slowly into the Rex mountain port, dock berth reservation, after the port ships, officers and soldiers to a couple. At 10:15, the host announced the beginning of the ceremony, a pair of male and female flower holding flags waved flags and shouting "the bride and groom arrive time", accompanied by the Chinese aegis destroyers Zhengzhou sounded a long sound, played live in "Wedding March". FLOWER FLOWER guide, the bridegroom bride arm, in the families of more than 800 soldiers, the blessing, the new people from the long red carpet happily into the ceremony. "You give her a white wedding dress, he made you a world of love you. I wish you the cause of life, get married, white hair sticks, hand and let love evergreen tree, happy flowers open." Captains Lu Feiyun’s wedding ceremony to newlyweds and staff present are emotional words. "From today on, I will defend like 7相关的主题文章: