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Ma Yili: do not too hypocritical Chen Jianbin more than ten years ago, more relaxed – Beijing Opera "Chinese type reality humor relations" will be held on September 7th at the Oriental TV broadcasting, yesterday, Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Zhao Lixin, the creator of Hu He and Ye Yiyun appeared in the drama broadcasting conference. After the meeting, Ma Yili, an interview with reporters, ten years later, with the cooperation of Chen Jianbin, she said: Chen is still acting style is very unique, is a good actor." Partner: Chen Jianbin said in the comments become amiable "returnees" Jiang Yinan, said Ma Yili interpretation of role: "she’s a bit hypocritical, but didn’t love me too well, too." In order to close to the role, she said he would deliberately have some of their own, and the role of the same side of the amplification. When it comes to cooperation and Chen Jianbin, two people ten years ago had filmed the "Joe courtyard". Ten years apart again, Ma Yili is the partner of a new understanding: "ten years ago, Chen young. Now he is married, with Jiang Qinqin and his children on the side, Chen became a lot easier." Talk about work: there is no absolute right and wrong "China type relationship" has emerged in the work and life of many relationships, Ma Yili said he very love this theme, "this drama is mainly about Chen Jianbin Ma Guoliang’s life experience, but I think no matter male or female, we reach the age of more than and 30 to faced with this problem, you have receded young things, to reflect on their own way of life, love and career, you will find China type relationship, may be we are a special kind of interpersonal style." Play out from within the system of Ma Guoliang all want to take a shortcut, repeatedly rebuffed, and Jiang Yinan ‘s a special stereotype that is not love people, two people each other and come together. After filming the show, Ma Yili bluntly great inspiration: "do things not too rigid, not too hypocritical. I used to see things only black and white, now aware of the middle color, there is no absolute right and wrong." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: