Ma Ying-Jeou first went to university lecture on outgoing 92 consensus sequence of events – Beijing-winavi

Ma Ying-Jeou first went to university lecture on "retiring before the leaders of the 92 consensus sequence of events – Beijing Taiwan area before Ma Ying-Jeou accepted the invitation, as Soochow University professor of law", and published the first lecture in 26. Earlier, the online registration open 240 seat 1 minutes robbed. After retiring Ma Ying-Jeou, for the first time by the professor walked into the university campus lecture scene, All seats are occupied. In order to this lecture, Ma Ying-Jeou ready, like the history of teachers in general, detailing the history of the development of Taiwan since the Qing dynasty. On cross-strait relations, Ma Ying-Jeou cited the "Three Kingdoms" at the beginning of world affairs, said, "long, long time". In Chinese history, whether it is the transition between the division, are bound to experience the war, but he pointed out that now the most important thing is to make efforts to cross-strait relations regardless of how to deal with, do not fight, "peace is the highest value, can really bring prosperity". Ma Ying-Jeou in the lecture, also mentioned that in 1992 the two sides around the "a China" reach "92 consensus" sequence of events. He said that the 92 consensus so that cross-strait relations have a buffer elastic space. In addition, Ma Ying-Jeou also mentioned that in 2015, the leaders of the two sides met after the polls rose, because of his term of office 8 years, cross-strait relations is the best period of 66 years, the two sides can speak frankly and set the foundation of mutual trust and. According to reports, after leaving Ma Ying-Jeou to restart "Professor Ma" status, was invited to serve as honorary professor at Soochow University, class a plan every month, lectures related to legal, historical, cross-strait relations etc..相关的主题文章: