Make Life Easy For Yourself – Use A Catering Urn!

Food-and-Drink Are you hosting a family reunion, christening or birthday celebration, holding a social indoor or outdoor event, or even running a professional catering business? If so, then the chances are that you will have to provide a constant supply of hot drinks to your guests. You can do away with the endless kettle boiling and make life a lot easier for yourself by using a quality Catering Urn. Many of the quality Catering Urns .e with thermostat control, and so will use less energy in keeping the drinks hot, .pared with the constant boiling of the kettle. This does of course save you money on those high electric bills, and with less energy being used, helps with the environment. Catering Urns are ideal for large volumes of all different types of hot drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or just as hot water. The modern day 21st century Catering Urns are simple to operate and are safe for almost anyone to use, with most quality models containing a dry/overheat protection facility to prevent the contents from over-boiling. There are also a range of sizes available to suit any social event you may be holding, with Catering Urns .ing in capacity sizes covering 2.5, 8, 10 and 20 litres, and I have even found one with a 30 litre capacity! I have found surprisingly that as well as the traditional portable models that can easily be moved from room to room, you can also find Catering Urns you can permanently fix to a wall or other permanent structure, so this can be put in a suitable convenient place, without requiring it to be stood on anything. Catering Urns, I hear you ask? Arent those a bit old fashioned, like in the olden days? – Well, they were, but not now, they are more and more popular nowadays, and are rapidly the new in-thing to have at social events. This is because Catering Urns allow the hot drinks to be served instantly, and even on a help yourself basis, and so do not require anyone to stand guard over it, as in the olden days. The typical quality Catering Urns on the market now, are sleek and modern looking, and can slip unnoticed into any social environment, and with the top reputable .panies such as Burco, Swan, Igenix, Cyg. and Assam, now making available some classy, stylish models, there are now some models for that high-tech, business environment. The prices for Catering Urns? – Well, this depends to some extent on the size of the Catering Urn required, where it is likely to be placed and whether it is specifically required for a particular type of function. Small, but functional quality Catering Urns can start from as little as 39.99 plus Vat, with the large 20 litre types rising to around 110 plus Vat. If you pardon the pun, Catering Urns are not everyones cup of tea, but they can take the strain out of making endless cups of tea! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: