Man holding imitation guns posing as drug crime in six years to get

Man holding imitation guns posing as drug crime in six to buy a piece of money for two years to get a transparent soap, imitation guns, Sichuan man posing as drug traffickers fraud black car drivers, two years, 6 cases of crime of fraud, money more than 1.1 yuan. Recently, the Zhangjiagang court to fraud and sentenced Liu imprisonment for 7 months, and fined 1000 yuan. Liu Mouyou, the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on theft and fraud and other criminal record, came to Zhangjiagang, have always wanted to send a windfall. In a chat with a friend, I heard someone fake drugs to make money, Liu believes that this is feasible, so he bought a transparent soap, playing cards, and spent 4000 yuan to prepare a simulation gun. Liu transparent soap with yellow tape wrapped, and the cards get dark bag. The next day, Liu put these things together and put it in the bag, went out and found a black car. According to the requirements of the driver of a Ni Liu sent him to Changshu Yushan, along the way, two people gradually warm up. Soon, the car will arrive at the destination, Liu did not give money, he instead from the package to the simulation gun out, specially in front of a Ni sticking out. "What is this?" A Ni did not hold back, asked the sentence. "I was a drug dealer, we do this line to carry a gun," Liu said he would not hurt a Ni he was, put the gun on the waist and covered with clothes, and then let the Ni a waiting in the car for a while, said they want to go. After a while, Liu came back, he told a Ni said: "I haven’t got enough money on me, you lend me some money, our profit is high, 100 by 200." A Ni gave him 150 yuan. Liu took the money to get off for a moment, once again back to the car, and on a Ni said: "I want to buy your cigarette, you lend me some money." A Ni for gospel truth gave 100 yuan, then. The car about half an hour later, Liu returned to the car that has good cargo inspection, to send him to a town of a ni. The car arrived at the place, Liu said to go on the transaction, the results go nowhere. The investigation, from June 2014 to May 2016, Liu one after another in the same way, 6 cases of crime, get a quarter, Xu 6 people money totaling more than 1.1 yuan, the victim found himself deceived, are reported to the police. According to clues, in May of this year, the police in the countryside of Zhangjiagang will be captured ryu.相关的主题文章: