Man with a knife threatened area jailed for 1 years, 100 area to attend the trial-reshacker

Man with a knife threatened area jailed for 1 years, 100 area to attend the trial original title: Zhengzhou, a restaurant owner threatened with a knife chased jailed for 1 years, 100 area in river network news (reporter Song Xiangle) in November 11th 27, Zhengzhou city district court hearing Hu soup shop owner Chen Jingpo knife threat to law enforcement officers in a case, the final defendant because of the crime of obstructing was sentenced to 1 years. Dahe reporter learned from the urban management and law enforcement departments, the case is the first case of Zhengzhou City, due to obstruction of the implementation of public administration was sentenced to the case. Hearing the same day, the Zhengzhou Municipal Administration of Law Enforcement Bureau organized hundreds of inspectors on-site audit. Scene map (from the network) in April 19th, Zhengzhou District 27 Hanjiang Road and Songshan Road intersection in the northeast corner of a restaurant before the occurrence of a large soup attracted great attention. The same day, in the "Niu Huimin Hu soup" shop owner Chen Jingpo refused to be placed on the sidewalk tables and chairs and advertisements to recover, was in charge of Huaihe city management law enforcement officers Wang Guoqiang Road office staff cleaning. They showed the video evidence taken by the law enforcement team to restore the situation at that time, law enforcement personnel to clean up the lane and articles, a head, body fat man Dianzhe a knife rushed out from the store, the man is Chen Jingpo. Chen Jingpo shouted into the law enforcement officers shouting, Wang came to stop, was the other pointed nose insults and threats. In the whole process, Chen Jingpo constantly condemning words, his shame. After the event, the party told reporters Wang Guoqiang River, now can not see the video, because it is not just a curse, it is an insult to the personality." So why is Chen Jingpo so hot? River network reporter learned that, also because of illegal lane, in April 8th, law enforcement personnel to clean advertisements, Chen and Wang Jingpo clashed again. It is worth mentioning that in February last year, Chen Jingpo for doing business, residential street walls opened a two meters around the mouth, by the police to destroy the street culture wall grounds detained for 7 days. The courtroom (Photo by Ning Xiaobo) reporter learned that the river through the trial, Chen Jingpo claimed afterwards worked with Wang, "reconciliation", then went to Zhongmu Wanbang logistics do fruit business, in May 20th, the local police arrested him through online pursuit of information. In closing arguments Chen Jingpo said: "I am just one of the most basic business people do not understand the law, because the impulse caused by the adverse effects on the city, I apologize to the parties concerned, I also hope that the court give a fair verdict." After a full consideration of the collegial panel, the case of bad social influence, the defendant and the defendant truthfully confessed to the crime of obstructing as a first offender, sentenced Chen Jingpo to 1 years in prison. After the trial, the river network reporter interviewed another event, Wang Quanguo. Wang Quanguo, 47 years old, is a veteran of the old city of the tube for a period of 27 years. Chen Jingpo was brought to court (Photo by Ning Xiaobo) "the mood is dark," king of the country has so far not face let the video, "because the effect is too large, I’m afraid the old mother know this matter, he told the family didn’t let her watch TV, with the neighbors laoke." Ya相关的主题文章: