Many Cnas Fail The State Certification Due To Improper Hand Washing Techniques-oboni

UnCategorized The importance of hand washing becomes clear to the healthcare industry when certification is denied on the basis of failing to wash your hands in the taught method during the state exams. Many potential Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) failed the state exams the first time simply because they did not wash their hands for a full twenty seconds. The reason that this is so important is because germs spread by dirty hands are still one of the top killers in the world. There are universal techniques for hand washing that must be followed: *Turn water on with paper towels *Wash hands up to the wrists *Scrub hands and nails with soap for twenty seconds or more *Keep hands facing downward *Turn water off with paper towels. Germs Can Kill While these steps do not seem like much, they are each very important in preventing the spread of germs in hospitals that, when you think about it, are a place where germs thrive. There are sick people with germs in hospitals and these germs can be easily spread by nurses, doctors, and CNAs who do not wash their hands properly or neglect to use gloves where and when they should. Hand Washing Methods Makes Sense There is a method to the hand washing techniques set fourth in training that makes sense and is efficient in preventing the spread of disease from patient to healthcare worker to patient. Turning the water on and off with paper towels, for instance, prevents the hand washer from re-contaminating their hands after they wash them. Scrubbing up to the wrists cleans more surface area and is therefore more efficient at stopping the spread of germs. Rings And Nails Rings are permissible, although many health care professionals do not wear them because they can harbor germs and are hard to wash thoroughly. Nurses and CNAs are not allowed to wear their nails long or wear press on nails for the same reasons; they harbor germs that are hard to clean. The prevention of spreading disease through hand to person contact or contact with items other people must touch is important. It is, in fact, so important that you can fail the certification exams if not done perfectly. Do Not Be Nervous When you are about to take the state certification, do not allow yourself to become so nervous that you neglect to do the little things, like hand washing, that could cause you to fail the exam. You have worked to hard to let a simple case of nerves hold you back. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: