Media rumors from the media to the property market speculation on the impact of large buyers oboni

Media: from the media by the property market speculation rumors – impact on buyers Beijing with WeChat, micro-blog and other media platform more and more integrated into people’s daily life, various media chaos will also become worse. The reporter found out from WeChat, the public number to the network broadcast, from the beginning of the "Northeast Village" falling of ceremony "event, to the recent Shanghai property market rumors from the media, there are three main areas of chaos urgent treatment. "Brush" lured fraud blow bubble flow. In the media from the rivers and lakes, the amount of reading and advertising prices are closely related, click rate, reading volume, the number of fans is considered an important basis for the spread of new media platform. In the early stage of growth from the media like a raging fire, the value of marketing are valued gradually, more and more advertisers, micro-blog and WeChat heavily pound emerging broadcast platform. Rumors breed, endanger social health and stable development. News has its strict standard production process, the news information needs to follow the principle of objective truth. Affected by many factors, since the media has gradually become the rumours of the platform, some even lead to the city". A Real Estate Company in Hangzhou recently without verifying that the company in WeChat group forward "a new round of Hangzhou purchase policy No. 10 floor, pay 2 years Hangzhou local social security to meet the purchase eligibility and other false information, triggering market tensions. The reporter found in the survey, some from the media rumors once spread, the influence of the cut is difficult, scenes of farce staged emergency room. Some experts said that since the media by large developers and intermediaries advertising, repeatedly mislead users are expected to borrow some rumors, the property market speculation, has great influence on the psychological expectations of buyers groups. Style is low, no longer fear the life of Bo eyeball. The evening of September 16th, a large number of discovered online broke the news, said a male star "accidental death". Although the Shanghai police in a timely manner through the official micro-blog to respond, but still can not stop the hearsay everywhere, micro-blog and WeChat on the individual death that even wanton malicious smear, some websites with the title of the party helped. Experts pointed out that the network is not outside the law, media operators from compliance with laws and regulations to engage in Internet information services. "The NPC Standing Committee’s decision on safeguarding Internet Security" "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations are clearly defined, the use of the Internet rumors, slander or other publication, dissemination of harmful information, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for responsibility according to law. The government should introduce the relevant laws and regulations, the designated special regulatory authorities, improper network marketing behavior norms and sanctions." Professor Qian Hongdao of Zhejiang University Guanghua School of law, said that China needs to be set up to cover the whole industry "good faith mechanism", with big data technology, solve the problem of fraud to boost Internet traffic. Professor, School of journalism, Fudan University, said Zhou Baohua, since the specification of the ecological environment of the media need to participate in the ecological stakeholders to participate in collaborative governance. This includes the formulation of laws and regulations, the management of government departments, the formation of industry self-regulation organization, the rules of the platform operators, self-discipline from the media"相关的主题文章: