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Media: Taiwan tourism "industry" why "miserable"? Sohu news "1+1 news" September 13, 2016 complete sets — Taiwan tourism "industry", why "miserable"? (program guide) explanation: to live, work, to food and clothing, Taiwan tourism industry took to the streets to protest and express their demands. Source: Taiwan tourism practitioners have never been so miserable, the worst in the history of tourism in Taiwan. Commentary: do not let sightseeing tourism. What is the reason for the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan cliff drop? Sound source: in the past there every twenty or thirty cars Ali tea line manager, now only one or two days, must be cut. Commentary: the two sides of a pro, behind the appeal of the name, how to open the deadlock cross-strait interaction. "1+1 news" today’s focus: Taiwan tourism "industry", why "miserable"? Commentator Bai Yansong: Hello audience friends, welcome to live news 1+1. Yesterday in Taipei, there was a parade of tourism and tourism. So the tourism industry has a parade like this, it really is the first time in Taiwan. We look at the whole to participate in a parade in which the tourism catering industry, tourism, tourism products industry, this is in fact behind the beef industry, and tourist night market, shopping and so on. That is to say, the 11 associations related to tourism, each have their own representatives to participate in such a million people march. They express themselves in what will first have a mood and dissatisfaction, you should in fact is the tourism industry, the tourism industry to borrow but he changed a bit, into a tourism industry. Industry, why become miserable industry, which is the origin of our today’s program title. We see, here the expression demands even more, don’t let the tourist change off light, that is to say are closed out, don’t let the tourist change off light. Your family to live, there are two sides of a pro words like. In these slogans, behind this parade, is about a current situation of Taiwan tourism industry how? Come on, let’s watch. Commentary: the streets of Taipei from 1 pm yesterday, from tourism, catering, boutique, tour buses, tour guides and other 11 related industry practitioners, through protests, propaganda to the Cai Yingwen government, urged the Taiwan authorities to face up to the plight of the tourism industry. Tourism practitioners: survival, work, food and clothing. Tourism practitioners: never been so miserable, the history of tourism in Taiwan. Lu Xiaoya, chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the tour bus passenger transport: we are not asking the government for money, nor do we want the government to have mercy on us. We are going to Taiwan for sightseeing and tomorrow. Commentary: This is the Taiwan tourism industry for the first time on the street protests by the Taiwan tourism industry self initiated, involving more than 15000 people, the staff of up to 1 kilometers, we held the signs and banners expressing their appeal and.相关的主题文章: