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.puters-and-Technology Is your organization ready for disaster, whether man made or natural? Organizations today are facing this situation in growing number today from hacker attacks, .puter viruses, power failures, system administration errors, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. They are realizing how costly and far-reaching impact it has on their business and are waking upto this reality and are making disaster recovery and crisis management a critical and business imperative to the business continuity framework. In todays ever changing world of technology Disaster Recovery as a Service is a specialized service and is more important than ever. According to the Disaster Recovery Journal, an estimated $78,000 per hour is lost due to system downtime. So having calculated the losses incurred due to various natural disasters in the absence of such a service, approximately 40% of all businesses have now made disaster recovery services an essential part of their systems. A recent study also showed that 90% of businesses could fail within 5 working days unless they are able to continue doing business after a disaster. Data transfer to remote site using Internet VPN technology is secure and is HIPPA .pliant. Using the right disaster recovery plan will help you: * Replicate your mission critical data to a secure, remote data center in real time. * Mirror your mission-critical IT systems at a remote data center (a hot-site) and you can switch to the mirrored site if your server goes down. * Protect against potential threats. * Minimize disruption and operational losses. * Manage the recovery operation in an .anized and effective manner. * Restore and build back confidence of investors, stakeholders and customers. * Improved brand value, business image, customer loyalty and employee morale through professional disaster response and disaster management * Reduces the probability of occurrence. * Protect the assets of the .anization. * Minimizes decision-making during a disastrous event an legal liability. A business continuity disaster recovery solution provides a host of services to ensure business continuity through restoration of data. Utilizing the best Disaster Recovery solution allows its customers to focus on their core business while letting the service provider manage them for a fixed, predictable monthly fee. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: