Melon is asked to anger good trouble! Don’t tell me the triangle offense is tired of hearing this-denka

Melon is asked to anger: good trouble! Don’t tell me the triangle is tired of hearing this Anthony Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 7th, Nicks was Sir home court reversal, after Anthony asked in an interview about the triangle offense, he said: "I heard this thoroughly tired". Ever since Phil – Jackson became president of, the New York media has never lost sight of the triangle offense. Every coach Nicks will be asked to play the triangle offense, the media have been talking about how Jackson will intervene in the affairs of the coaching staff. Today’s Geoff – Hornacek can not escape this fate. From the training camp to preseason games to now, he has to respond to the attack from time to time to play the triangle, especially Jackson really participated in a number of coaches meeting personally to make a point. Nicks, the main control point of view, but also inevitably be "cross examination", said Ross, a sense of the triangle attack is very complicated, but also has been used to make headlines New York media. Now, Cameron – Anthony finally can not stand. In the Jazz after the game, he said that such remarks: "our attack is ready to make adjustment. Now I’m tired of listening to the triangle, really tired of it." Triangle offense in the league is actually a very common tactics, Jackson himself in coaching success, but he does not necessarily need to follow his play Nicks. It may be that the New York media want to link Nicks to the former Chicago Bulls, but it is already out of date. Now Nicks is still running, Hornacek said: "when we played at 1-3 of the roll is not stable, a relief, but another person did not do." Ross also said that the team needs to pay more attention to the quality of defense. "Defense is a good chance for us to play well. In the end we will attack no problem, but we need to communicate with ready defense."相关的主题文章: