Men picking up mobile phones and hitting couples crossing the road at zebra

The man drove to pick up his mobile phone in the zebra crossing the road a couple days ago, Guizhou man Shen and his wife Wang crossing when the car accident, the driver to accept the police investigation, said the cause of the accident. How about the details? Listen to the teacher Beth slowly to. This is the car to pick up mobile phone, hit a couple; traffic changing, distractions harm to others! On the evening of 5 at 7:50 PM, Wenzhou city man Lin driving along the highway from downtown transit to Shuixin Shiliting direction, when he was walking in front of Dong’ou Hospital Road, put the charge in the car because the car bumps mobile phone fell into the driver’s seat below. Looking at the phone dropped, Lin actually bow down to pick up. In the twinkling of an eye, the car was on the zebra crossing position. According to the teacher Bo afterwards understand, the incident was Shen and Wang are crossing the zebra line, Lin Lin was immediately oncoming car hit down. Among them, Wang’s shoe was thrown even fly to Lin’s car back on the car. After the incident, Shen and Wang was sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of medical diagnosis and treatment temperature. After diagnosis, the accident caused Shen right hand of a finger fracture, Wang head shock etc.. Yesterday afternoon, Lin accepted the city traffic police brigade a squadron of police investigation, admit that the accident caused by his thoughts deserted.

男子开车捡手机 撞伤在斑马线上过马路的夫妻日前,贵州籍男子沈某和老婆王某过斑马线时遭遇车祸,肇事司机在接受交警调查时,说出了肇事原因。详情究竟如何?且听老师伯慢慢道来。这正是:开车捡拾手机,撞伤一对夫妻;路况瞬息万变,分心害人害己!本月5日晚7时50分许,温州市区男子林某驾车沿市区过境公路由水心往十里亭方向行驶,当他行经东瓯医院前面路段时,放在车里充电的手机因车子的颠簸掉到驾驶座下面。一看手机掉了,林某竟低头去捡。转眼间,车子就开到了人行斑马线位置。据老师伯事后了解,事发当时沈某和王某正经过斑马线,当即被林某迎面驶来的车子撞倒。其中,王某的一只鞋子甚至被甩飞到林某座驾的车背上。事发后,沈某和王某被送到温医大附二院诊治。经诊断,事故造成沈某右手一节手指骨裂,王某头部震荡等。昨天下午,林某接受市交警一大队一中队民警调查时,承认事故起因是他思想开小差引起。相关的主题文章: