Mengniu President Sun Yiping the night of the Mid Autumn Festival or the sudden departure with COFCO hyuna

Mengniu President Sun Yiping the night of the Mid Autumn Festival the sudden departure or the same article from WeChat COFCO Huanshuai public number (food observers shipinguanchajia) and the Mengniu Huanshuai, is so suddenly. In September 15th, China Mengniu Dairy Co (hereinafter referred to as "Mengniu") announced by COFCO group recommendation, approved by the board of directors, from now on the appointment of Lu Min as president of Mengniu Dairy released. In this regard, Mengniu Dairy Board believes that under the leadership of Mr. Lu Minfang, Mengniu Dairy will continue to focus on quality and innovation, to provide consumers with more and better quality products. The outside world is concerned about the topic, Sun Yiping why suddenly leave it? Under the helm of Mengniu four years of performance? What is the connection between the coaching and COFCO Mengniu not? The official said "Sun Yiping resigned for personal reasons, according to the" food king understood that Lu Minfang, Mengniu Dairy holdings group president ashley. In addition Ashley, Lu Minfang has worked in a number of well-known multinational companies, including Danone as greater china chairman early life nutrition company positions, and in the U.S. General Electric and Johnson (China) held a management position. In the past 25 years of his career, he has accumulated a wealth of FMCG and dairy management experience. For the new president, Lu Minfang said: "thank you, the board of directors and shareholders COFCO Mengniu and colleagues to trust me. Mengniu is Chinese’s leading dairy companies, and I look forward to a strong team of Mengniu together, to enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, further strengthen the channels and marketing system, achievement Centennial Mengniu nutritional health food company dream." So why did Sun Yiping suddenly leave? Mengniu Dairy to release the food you said, Ms. Sun Yiping is due to personal occupation development, to the board of directors resigned, the board of directors accepted her resignation. For Sun Yiping more than four years of performance evaluation is: Sun Yiping led the Mengniu Mengniu team, continue to promote the "internationalization + digital" dual track strategy, focus on creating the star brand, focus on improving product quality, liquid milk and yogurt market share continue to maintain the industry first, strive for president Sun Yiping during his tenure and make contributions, the board of directors fully affirmed and thank. In this regard, vice president of COFCO, Mengniu Dairy chairman Ma Jianping also said that Mengniu is China excellent national brand, together with the efforts of each mengniu. As the largest shareholder of COFCO Mengniu, will continue to follow the market governance, the board of directors to manage the company. COFCO and strategic shareholder of Danone, Arla Foods, to support the long-term development of mengniu. The three party is full of confidence in the growth potential of China’s dairy industry, will jointly integrate global resources, support Mengniu continuous innovation, focusing on high quality products, Mengniu into a world-class dairy enterprises. Although Sun Yiping was gone, but for the food you four years ago took office after the first show is visible before the eyes of mengniu.     on the morning of June 19, 2012, COFCO Plaza相关的主题文章: