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Men spend 150 thousand yuan to decorate the house Wuguan suddenly told installed the wrong house (Figure) – Beijing, with the new premises is a happy event, but if the decoration of a half, suddenly someone tell you that you pretend to be someone else’s house — this taste, how to express! This year, 23 year old Guo encountered this kind of thing, yesterday, he told the Chongqing Evening News Hotline for the news of the evening of 966988 hours to reflect: Wuguan said that I was fitting the house is the other people, for which I also broke off the water and electricity, but also to the other side of the world, I am still in charge of other people’s lives!" Owners: half of the decoration was halted Yuzhong District food Yuan Road 168, 40-4, 6, is the real estate registration certificate Guo, a copy of the housing located on display. Yesterday in the decoration scene, the reporter saw Mr. Guo decoration of the house has put tiles, the house number "40-4". Reporters in the 40 floor turn a circle, found a total of 4 doors, respectively, wrote: 40-1, 40-2, 40-3, 40-4. The decoration of houses and the number of their "real estate registration certificate" is consistent, why is the property management company stopped? Guo said that when he received the house in September 28th, he put the purchase contract, real estate registration certificate copy and other documents to the district Wuguan, the other side of the 40-4 key to him. In October 8th, Mr. Guo began to decorate the house, until 20 pm, he suddenly received a property management company’s phone, the other asked him if he is not installed the wrong house? I was feeling rather baffling, the "real estate registration certificate" and the room number is completely consistent. My house is to the June number is 4 of the house, what might be wrong?" Mr. Guo said that in June 24th he paid to pay for the purchase of the house, the house construction area of 89.61 square meters, accounting for taxes and fees, he spent $more than 630 thousand. Now the decoration has also been more than half, spent more than 150 thousand yuan. "Saturday and weekend and Wuguan negotiations, they did not directly after I agree, water and electricity." Mr Guo said: "they say I bought a house in room 2, others are tough to I No. 4. When they make a mistake, they come to me." Property management: 40-4 is 40-2 "real estate registration certificate" clearly written on 40-4, why Wuguan said Mr. Guo to buy is 40-2? Yesterday, Mr. Guo once again find Wuguan companies, Wuguan manager Zhang and reporters face to face, and come up with a house plan: This is the 6 floor of the housing plan of the 40 floor. From the graph, the reporter saw the 8 housing label. Zhang explained, the 39 floor is the thermocline in the 40 floor apartment layout, although does not show the number of buyers, but in order to clearly understand the whole floor layout, developers or the 39 floor above the part number mark, so there will be 8 houses on the drawing label. In fact, the 40 floor only 4 households, but from the drawings, the sale is 2, 4, 6, 8 of the four house, so in the "real estate registration certificate" or the housing purchase contract, the 40 storey house will only write 40-2, 40-4, 40-6, 40-8. In other words, when the actual row door, real estate registration Zheng Mingyao相关的主题文章: