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Microsoft also wants to say goodbye to the mobile phone market, Samsung apologized to Chinese consumers! BlackBerry after Microsoft to the consumer mobile phone market said goodbye to Surface Phone after the BlackBerry announced to abandon the concept map of mobile phone business, Microsoft also said its mobile phone business core will gradually from the consumer market to the enterprise market, and complete the transition in the next few years. The statement published Microsoft France director Vahé Torossian said in the consumer market; more than Android and the iOS platform is an impossible task, Microsoft mobile phone business is to adjust the direction, after the success of the commercial mobile terminal and then return to the consumer market. So it is for Microsoft to return to the consumer market, but Microsoft has to do is to further expand the influence of the Windows 10 system in the field of business, raise the stakes for the future competition of iOS and Android. Phone users will soon be directed at the Surface user base is also enterprise users, and will provide a number of features to optimize productivity. In addition, the price of the phone should not be too close to the people, more in line with the needs of the enterprise environment. App Store search advertising formally launched in June this year, apple App Store launched a series of major reforms, one of the most important thing is to increase the search advertising application store. The feature began in June in North America trial run, and formally launched today. Starting today, iOS developers can choose to pay the way to promote their own advertising App Store App. Apple said that the advertising function will be officially displayed in October 5th App Store search results. About advertising billing, said Apple will use the CPC (Cost Per Click, pay per click) the calculation form, developers only need to click on the ads in the user only need to pay, the specific amount paid by the keyword auction results. In addition, Apple also provides a close daily limit function, if the day the developer has paid the amount of advertising to reach the predetermined limit, then the ad will stop displaying. At present, the function is still in the promotion period, apple provides developers with a $100 discount card to attract developers to try to pay for the promotion model. Samsung apologized to Chinese consumers! The Note7 event did not take a double standard the netizen says, Samsung in the recall process to implement the "double" of China, did not put my big Chinese on the same important position with the United States and other countries, the company to replace the China Tucao battery is not the same with these countries. In this regard, Samsung said wronged. Today, the company released a new statement on the official website. In a statement, Samsung on the Note7 loss of apology, and once again stressed the safety and reliability of the line version of Samsung Note7. At the same time, said the recall on the issue of the Chinese market has not implemented a double standard. And explain, for.相关的主题文章: