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Microsoft PC VR helmet Lenovo and other manufacturers to follow up the $299 – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April October 26th evening news that chi (10 points in the morning New York time), unconventional Microsoft has launched a new version of PC VR helmet. In June, the Taipei computer show, Microsoft demo Vive access Holographic platform in fact, Microsoft’s ambitions in the field of VR has long been revealed. As early as four months ago, the Taipei computer show, Microsoft opened its Windows Holographic holographic platform to the other third parties to encourage the use of other VR AR head platform. Foreign media Engadget has published an article that Microsoft intends to Holographic platform to create a similar PC industry in the same position as Windows. Today in the special conference on Win 10, Microsoft launched the second version of the RedStone 2 upgrade (Tour 2), introduced the application in 3D, VR upgrade AR MR games, and many other aspects of optimization. At the same time, the staff used a similar VR helmet products for demonstration, followed by Microsoft and officially launched the VR product. VR helmet equipped with Hololens designed for HoloTour applications, running on Win 10 can also experience the VR environment. Live demonstration of the helmet is based on the Windows 10 system prototype VR. According to Microsoft site introduction, HP, Lenovo, DELL, ASUS and Acer and other PC vendors will launch similar equipment, the price will be $299 (about RMB 2023)! In terms of parameters, Microsoft did not disclose more details, but at the scene, the latest version of the Windows 10 update Creator ‘s Update demo using the helmet. It is reported that the helmet has six degrees of freedom (6DoF) inside-out tracking function. In addition, the Microsoft Windows 10 also launched second versions of the RedStone 2 upgrade (Redstone 2), Microsoft will be called the "Creators Update", the update will be pushed at the beginning of 2017. 299 U.S. dollars, or RMB 2023. This price is not a small impact on the giant HTC, SONY and Oculus, and Microsoft Win10 based hardware terminal platform widely, it is worth looking forward to the follow-up force.相关的主题文章: