Microsoft surface mouse landing a full set of domestic purchase to spend 1176 yuan

Microsoft Surface mouse landing home to spend 1176 yuan to buy a full set of "" "" no justice! Gianna Jun postpartum comeback but more beautiful, "the previous fall of Microsoft new conference, Microsoft released a new one machine Surface Studio, but also brought a new key mouse new. Now Microsoft officially launched in the domestic market Surface keyboard and Surface mouse accessories, two peripherals are a continuation of the Surface product family design consistent while using gray color, connected via Bluetooth and Windows 10 wireless devices. Surface keyboard design, the overall layout of the Surface keyboard is compact, the overall color collocation and before the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Book is consistent with Surface Pro, and Designer Bluetooth keyboard design close look. The main body of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, light and strong. In order to improve the input experience, Surface keyboard also redesigned the key voice, feel the hardness and height of the key cap and texture, while enhancing the battery life to 12 months. In addition, the keyboard ad hoc keyboard and multimedia shortcuts, support Bluetooth 4 4.1, with Windows 10, Mac OS V10 and Android, including the desktop and mobile devices connected to the X. Surface mouse is not designed to be the best design, this sentence seems to be more suitable for Surface mouse. Because it gives people the first impression is really simple. Of course, Microsoft said before the industrial design is the Suface mouse Designer Bluetooth mouse, just make an improvement in the local details, as well as silver shape and Surface keyboard is a. Holding handle, Surface mouse has a greater symmetry curve designed to adapt to the right hand and the palm of the radian. The middle mouse wheel is thin, but is said to provide a fine scrolling feedback. In addition, Microsoft also optimized the button around the mouse press feel. And Surface keyboard, Surface mouse also supports Bluetooth 4 4.1 connection, the longest life time of 12 months. It is reported that two new peripherals will be held in November 9th, Microsoft’s official store in China and Microsoft Tmall flagship store in China, the first sale in November 11th, Jingdong mall and Microsoft authorized store. Where the price of 788 yuan Surface keyboard, Surface mouse price of $388.相关的主题文章: