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Millet and millet officially launched UnionPay payment of domestic mobile payment competition millet announced the joint launch of millet Sina Chinese UnionPay payment technology news August 30th morning news, millet technology today announced and launched the "millet China UnionPay payment, and will pay for the cloth called" millet "in September 1st (MI Pay) to do. This also means that the millet became the apple and Samsung, has become a joint consortium launched mobile payment mobile phone manufacturers, after HUAWEI launched HUAWEI to pay, but the parties are China bank. It should be noted that before the introduction of millet payment, millet first achieved NFC mobile payment, you can directly brush the bus card through the phone. Cooperation in the field of mobile payments, can be seen as a further value of millet 200 million MIUI users to open up. In the intelligent mobile phone growth is slowing in the moment, how to focus on existing users will become intensive and meticulous farming, priority among priorities of the mobile phone market competition. For this cooperation, millet side said that the first payment of millet will support more than 10 bank credit cards and debit cards. Millet bus, to participate in the beta Rice noodles report has opened in Shenzhen, Shanghai two city and 4 provinces and cities, bus card, subway card in the test. Two services will be officially opened after the September 1st conference. In fact, millet launched pay message already, in April 21st of this year, millet announced a partnership with the outside world has been speculation China UnionPay, will promote the realization of millet payment, but in an interview with sina, millet financial responsible person said did not disclose more. Then, in August 12th, the millet start closed beta in the MIUI8 system, inviting users to participate in the millet payment product trial test. It is worth mentioning that, millet payment launch, millet company is also another major progress in the financial sector in June 13th this year, 7 enterprises in Sichuan millet also announced a joint new hope group, apply for private banks "Sichuan hope bank official Chinese CBRC approval to build. However, trace to its source, millet financial layout can be traced back to 2013. In December 2013, millet millet paid $50 million to set up science and technology limited company, served as chairman and CEO Lei Jun. By February 2014, millet and Beijing bank cooperation, including the scope of cooperation based on short distance wireless communication technology (NFC) function of the mobile payment and settlement business, financial and insurance standard product sales, fund sales platform and standardized loan products in the mobile phone and internet terminal application etc.. May 2015, millet formally launched the financial position of the positioning of personal financial services platform, mainly to provide financial services, financial management, financial services and other financial services. In January 27, 2016, millet acquisition Tong Jie Fu Rui, which was issued by the central bank to "pay business license" in August 2011, the type of business of Internet payment, mobile phone payment, business coverage for the country. This also means that the most important field of millet payment license payment in April 2016, China UnionPay and millet public相关的主题文章: