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Careers-Employment A woman considered to be in mid-career may be a baby boomer (born between 1945 and 1964) or could be from Generation X (born roughly between 1961 and 1981). So, a mid-career woman is not really defined by generational terms. For purposes of this article, a mid-career woman is someone who has worked for roughly 10 years and has about 10 years before her ideal retirement age. So, mid-career is more of a life stage; a mind-set. The time spent in mid-career may be a year or could be 10 years. What is happening for mid-career corporate American women? For starters, many may have joined corporate America later than their male counterpart. For her, 10-15 years ago, she may have joined Corporate America with the thought that she found a home and would stay with the same .pany for 20-30 years. She probably planned to work hard and was .mitted to doing her best for many years. In return, she expected a nice retirement in.e and health care for life. Unfortunately, the reality is that many corporate American women have had to realize that the retirement lifestyle that they had planned on may not materialize. The .panies that they have invested their working years in are chipping away their retirement plans and health care funds. Most mid-career Corporate American women today know that they have to fund much of their own retirement. Many of todays mid-Career Corporate American women are unsure of their future. Many are in a state of limbo; they are experienced and have much to contribute, but not sure what to do next. If they stay in the same job position that they have been holding for several years, they often be.e discontent. But, on the other hand, they are often the senior level person and one of value. A career move at that point may place them in a more venerable position. With layoffs and outsourcing .mon in Corporate America, career moves at any stage need very careful consideration. Another emotion that mid-Career Corporate American women are feeling is that they are burned out. They are likely working 50+ hour per week and their employer offers few opportunities to try new things. It is at this point that many women may consider starting their own business outside of corporate America. Mid-Career Corporate American women will likely have good leadership, presentation, negotiation, and mentoring skills; all very important skills required in the business world. The dilemma, of course, is that this woman still has a full time career and financial responsibilities. A possible solution is the MLM business model. An MLM can be started and built on a part time basis. Is it easy? No, of course not. Is it possible to start and build a successful MLM business while working in Corporate America? Yes, it is. It requires a business plan and consistent work. But, an MLM for Mid-Career Corporate American women is certainly is a viable solution for those who are seeking a business of their own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: