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Arts-and-Entertainment Influenced from the rapid growth within the demand for high-performance plastics and engineering plastics in vehicle and electrical items business, some multinational giants are intensifying their expense on this area to fulfill the at any time expanding market place.   The German Bayer Material Science Corp has currently announced that the organization will invest about 90 million Euros to expand the productivity of the PC device of German Krefeld-Uerdingen. The whole project is expected to .plete within the following four years and at that time the PC device productivity will be expanded from 330 thousand tons to 400 thousand tons per year. Günter Hilken, the person in charge of the PC business sector of the Bayer Material Science Corp, has .mented that: the global need for PC is increasing fiercely especially in Asian and Pacific areas; we predict that the annual growth rate of PC need will reach five percent as driven by the need increase in lightweight auto and electrical entertainment market.   The Bayer Material Science Corp is currently expanding its PC productivity in Asian and it is expected that this project will be .pleted prior to 2016. At that time, the PC productivity of Bayer Material Science Corp will exceed 1.6 million tons per year.   The Japanese Mitsubishi Rayon has declared that the enterprise has formed a joint venture with SABIC with the focus given to constructing and operating the methyl methacrylate and polymethyl methacrylate device projects which are located in Saudi Arabia. The designed productivity of MMA is 250 thousand tons per year while that of the PMMA device is 40 thousand per year. The MMA device will adopt the Alpha patented technology of the Mitsubishi Rayon and the PMMA device will apply to the self-possessed patented technology of Mitsubishi Rayon. Therefore, in the future will be mass-produced pom ptfe .   As a leading chemical business in the world, BASF thinks that the new type of substantial performance plastic products can embrace a potential huge industry opportunity in Asian area. Plastic products are playing an important role in dealing with the global challenges such as globalization, urbanization, and energy desire and population expansion. BASF will invest 2.3 billion Euros in Asia with the major expense portion given to plastic enterprise from 2011 to 2015. BASF is looking forward to arrange direct cooperative projects with Asian clients no matter in terms of automobile business or .puter field in addition to its intention of realizing the localization production of plastic items. In recent years, the number of Polyurethane .posite Material Factory and engineering plastic application technology center of BASF in Asian and Pacific regions is constantly boosting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: