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Mutter National Theatre debut   said "my curiosity will never die" – Culture – original title: Mutter: my curiosity will never dry up a contemporary American composer Sebastian Sun Nan photography in Lille? "" gear, last night at the national theatre hall opened the famous violinist Anne? Sophie? Mutter Prelude solo concert. Separated by 5 years, Mutter came back to the National Grand Theater, her music still has a moving charm. Mutter, who has been playing the violin for 40 years, said: "in the past forty years, there have been a lot of changes in the world of classical music in the past years. For example, some network live classical concert, and even Karajan the great conductor also very pleased; but on the other hand, whether the webcast music has high quality and the protection of music copyright are worth thinking and attention, we need to find a method of how to protect the artist spiritual wealth in these changes." Mutter said: "in the past forty years, my curiosity will not be exhausted, and I as a violinist to explore the violin art has just begun. In the near future, I have contributed to the artistic creation of many contemporary composers, and in the near future, I will be more in-depth exploration, research chamber music, there are many things waiting for me to dig." (reporter Lun Bing) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: