My new clothes cure my years of myopia, because I’m completely blind. – Sohu…-segotep

"My new clothes" cure my years of myopia, because I’m completely blind. – Sohu… The world again like this By no medicine — small bad recently, a reality show attracted my attention a little bad… It is the most. The deformation history of the psychedelic. The scene of the female star was inhuman brutal destruction, people can not help but close your eyes, it is "my new clothes". "A not only the results of the reality show" "my new clothes" is the predecessor of "goddess’s new clothes". Since its launch in 2014, the famous very large, not only because of the extraordinary coffee invited the sisters. And because it’s a designer reality show. Similar to the United States, "flyover": the distribution of the theme – Designer 24 hours of clothing – T show. But our version is missing the most important and the most real intermediate process, 24 hours of clothing. Instead, the sisters chat is a process of melon seeds. You see, isn’t it pretty???? "Once the dead adventure game" bad believe that every longing heart came to the stage of the goddess, finally will tearfully write a blacklist of designers. Fan Bingbing often run Paris Fan Ye, probably never thought. Back to the country was actually also the designer by the head, to shoot the value of only 299 yuan, Paris dream 3D photo. She tossed made of black silk strong arms hold strong confidence: "don’t be afraid, I am the most beautiful." He Sui had to admit, he is very lucky. Because she was already in the Victoria’s secret show on the run, show what is called big temperament. Or just look at my "new clothes". Where do you think the running Taobao model, how to live? Wang Likun did not find that Wang Likun has recently been particularly fond of fashion circle. But her team didn’t seem to know exactly what to give her. A window lady in a European furniture city. Then it becomes hot drink and smoke rebel girl. Look at the next host Lin. Feel the two people with a partner, you can go to Yang Yongxin that electricity. Zhang Li, like the last one, is quite normal on weekdays, Zhang Li. As soon as I came to the program group, it turned out to be the case. This dog bangs, reflective belt, black pawn. She thought she was a quiet and modest maiden… And we saw a crow who was about to become a fine. Zhi Ling sister said to Zhi Ling sister, small bad hope you remember what she looks like. Because you won’t remember it for a while. Not only do not remember. There will be a voice in the mind: "pick up the phone to call the electricity相关的主题文章: