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In Nanjing foreign language school night issued a notice to respond to environmental safety issues for the first half of this year, Nanjing foreign language school at the Hexi Hexi South Campus enabled controversy, a lot of parents in Nanjing. These two days, this concern has become the focus of Hexi campus. Nanjing foreign language school Hexi Branch in 2012 by the Jianye District Bureau of education and the Nanjing foreign language school to cooperate in a junior high school, before the completion of the new school to borrow the Fuchun River campus transition. Since the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, have parents to the intersection of the reaction, the new semester is delivered to Nanjing foreign language school west campus Wu Hou Street Campus (i.e. River southwest campus) environmental problems, both indoor and outdoor, the children appear all sorts of symptoms. Intersection reporter found that on the last day of a small holiday (17) late at night, the school official website issued a response. This is "on the campus of indoor air quality testing results announcement said:" in the Wu Hou Street, Jianye District Taiqing Road Interchange west of Nanjing foreign language school, in August 2016 through the acceptance of the official delivery. In the understanding that some parents expressed concern about the situation on the campus of the indoor environment quality, the school immediately started on West of Nanjing Foreign Language School of indoor air quality testing, Testing Center Co. Ltd. entrusted construction quality of Jiangsu Province, according to the detection process, closed doors after 12 hours, in September 10, 2016 in the analysis sample during the period of 10 to 14 days. Reporters noted that the announcement yesterday (17) evening at 22:25 PM issued, which means "spirit to the public, socially responsible attitude, so that all parents can fully understand the environmental quality of the campus, the detection of the announcement is as follows". Notice clear that all of the examined classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories, dormitories, a gymnasium, radon, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene concentration of TVOC T 18883-2002 GB are in line with the "indoor air quality standards" requirements. The school said this, the teachers and students are currently used in the area of education and teaching activities are safe. In accordance with the provisions of the standards of the region, the school will continue to take effective measures to improve the quality of the environment, such as ventilation, watering, placing activated carbon and green plants." According to the requirements of the outdoor air environment, parents put forward detection officials said: "the afternoon of September 12th, Jianye District Education Bureau has contacted the Suzhou bowwin Translation Co. Ltd. on the campus sports field air launched detection, and invite some representatives of parents. The school also welcome parents to choose domestic recommended two detection environment any detection mechanism corresponding qualifications of the school, the process of detecting invited representatives of parents and the media to participate in the process of detection results to the public. In order to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students!" What is the progress of outdoor air condition detection and the final result? Intersection reporter will continue to focus on. Author: Ni Min相关的主题文章: