NASA telescope photographed alien spacecraft struck Is actually a beautiful nebula (video) 女f4

NASA telescope photographed alien spacecraft struck? In fact, is a beautiful nebula Spitzer Space Telescope shooting the latest Department of the Milky Way nebula, like "Star Trek" spacecraft in. The Bubble Nebula NGC7635 space Tencent news according to the British Daily Mail reported that in September 8th, is a science fiction drama "Star Trek" play fifty anniversary, on this occasion, NASA’s Spitzer space telescope to the latest release of a mysterious nebula, its shape resembling the "Star" in many airlines and a starship Enterprise "generation of spacecraft". It is reported that the science fiction drama "Star Trek" premiere in September 8, 1966. Figure two is a side of the nebula, the Spitzer space telescope on the dust cloud cover deep space area, it was found that the two unique nebula, they are named as IRAS 19340+2016 and IRAS 19343+2026, is located in the Milky Way series disc structure. This is not the first time that a unique Nebula has been observed in deep space. This phenomenon is called the illusion of illusion. It is the cosmic objects that are observed in a special way. Before there were astronomers observed ants, stingray and hourglass shaped nebula. The image comes from the Spitzer Space Telescope’s largest galaxy survey – GLIMPSE and MIPSGAL. (long compile)相关的主题文章: