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The National Day holiday railway passenger transport to a new high – Society – October 8 Beijing Xinhua (Li Nannan) reporter from the China railway company was informed that the 10 days of the 2016 National Day holiday railway transport successful ending, railway transportation safety, smooth and orderly, passenger volume to a new high. This year’s National Day holiday railway passenger transport from September 28th to October 7th, the national railway passenger volume of 108 million 342 thousand passengers, sent an average of 10 million 834 thousand passengers, an increase of 9.7%. Since September 30th, the national railway passenger volume for 8 consecutive days of more than 10 million passengers a day. October 1st National Railway Passenger 14 million 417 thousand passengers, a record single day of railway passenger volume. Zhengzhou, Ji’nan, Shanghai, Nanning, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Urumqi Railway Bureau, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company and other 8 Railway Bureau passenger traffic grew by more than 10%. The railway transport capacity for most of the record. The National Day holiday in order to meet the demand for passenger travel, the railway sector efforts to increase the potential of mining vehicles, EMU and passenger vehicle on-line rate, further use of high-speed rail into the net advantage, especially Zheng Xu high-speed rail line for the first time into the National Day holiday transportation, and the existing railway capacity, overall rail transport capacity greatly improved, people travel more convenient. National Day holiday, the national average daily passenger trains 7017 trains, an increase of more than more than 1000 columns, including EMU trains in the list of 4504, an increase of more than more than 800, the transport capacity of the calendar year for the most. Strong EMU passenger volume growth, sending passengers 54 million 90 thousand passengers, an increase of 24.6%, average daily send visitors 5 million 409 thousand passengers, accounting for the total national railway passenger delivery in September 30th 51.8%, sending passengers 6 million 207 thousand passengers, the highest single day EMU send visitors record. Beijing Shanghai, Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail nearly 27 high-speed rail passenger traffic to send a new record again, the highest on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to send visitors 591 thousand passengers, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail to send 652 thousand passengers on the highest. Transport security smooth and orderly. In order to ensure the safety of railway traffic, the railway departments earnestly equipment quality inspection before, carpet investigation and security risks of transportation equipment; strengthen equipment maintenance, arrange car management personnel by Tim inspection, real-time monitoring of the running state of the equipment; the locomotives, passenger transport and passenger elevator channel equipment facilities to conduct a comprehensive renovation; increase the site check the inspection efforts, to ensure the transportation organization, passenger and other smooth and orderly work, strengthen the dangerous goods chadu, try to create safe travel environment for passengers. The National Day holiday, in response to the impact of Typhoon "catfish", Nanchang, Shanghai, Guangzhou Railway Group and other Railway Bureau promptly launched the emergency response mechanism, organization of nearly 10000 workers patrol line road, and strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for passengers to travel. A number of convenience measures to improve service quality. To properly deal with the holiday passenger peak, the railway sector through the creation and change, the ticket refund window, reasonable arrangements for passenger tickets, waiting, take down, out of the station and streamline, provide assistance service for the old and sick pregnant and other key passengers, passengers booking travel convenience, create a warm environment for passengers to travel. National Day period,相关的主题文章: