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The "national team" holdings of bank shares or pension admission way: media – Sohu news anchor as A stock market, banking stocks were the gold card company holdings in the three quarter, but it also means that the securities market has gradually stabilized, the national team has been trying to recover liquidity. From the Bank of three quarterly bulletin shows that the state has been the five largest bank card company holdings. The number of industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, Chinese bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of communications is the reduction in the three quarter was 362 million 348 thousand shares, 86 million 753 thousand and 900 shares, 485 million 917 thousand shares, 26 million 103 thousand and 900 shares, 63 million 845 thousand and 400 shares, the shareholding ratio fell to the end of the three quarter of 1.32%, 1.89%, 2.53%, 1.01%, 2.68%. At the same time, the company also reduced the strength of joint-stock companies. Three quarterly data show, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, industrial bank, CITIC Bank, Huaxia Bank, respectively, in the three quarter was certified gold company holdings of 62 million 547 thousand and 900 shares, 8 million 91 thousand and 600 shares, 22 million 408 thousand and 500 shares, 239 million 310 thousand shares, 98 million 151 thousand and 300 shares, 39 million 828 thousand and 100 shares, 76 million 529 thousand and 900 shares. Holdings of bank shares is not optimistic about the bank shares, but the card company to recycle liquidity, leaving more room for market operations." A brokerage bank analysts believe that the actual impact on the market is not large. He explained that before the card company also holdings of bank shares. In the four quarter of last year, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of communications, industrial bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank and other banks on the card was reduced by the company, the intensity is not significant. Since then, in the first half of this year, the card company was a single quarter holdings. The analysts also believe that the company’s holdings of gold should not be excessive interpretation of action. From the intent, gold card company investment is the maintenance of stability, while the current market more stable, less volatility, while banking stocks attractive enhancement, this time holdings of bank shares to the securities finance company to provide liquidity and operating space. In addition, the majority of investors holding bank shares are institutional investors, the value of the stock to understand deeper. Stable performance of bank stocks, low valuation, not because of the reduction of the card and focus on selling. In addition, the pension is about to enter the market, the banking sector is an important position in the layout of the pension, and as a stabilizing role of the company’s investment in gold, may choose to try to exit to make way for it. According to China Business Report相关的主题文章: