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The navy "Zheng He ship sail to visit Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand – Beijing navy" Zheng He ship sail to visit Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand Chinese daily October 24 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) the morning of October 24th 9, "Zheng He China naval ship from Dalian a port of Lushun set sail, went to Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand waters and ports for a 68 day voyage training and friendly visit. It is understood that the trainees with the ship a total of 169, of which female students in the 17. Students from the Dalian Naval Academy of the PLA, Naval University of engineering, Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Bengbu Navy Sergeant school 4 schools. In addition, several foreign naval students will join in the middle. The voyage, foreign Navy cadets will jointly Tiance sea view, learning military skills, the sea waves undergo baptism. Dean of Dalian Naval Academy of the PLA, major general Yan Zhengming said that this visit is not only an important military and diplomatic activities, but also an important way with International Literacy model of high caliber military personnel naval training, the students go out of the country, in the gallop ocean, fighting waves exploit international vision, exercise ability and quality, to become a solid foundation for a qualified naval officer. As the "floating land of the motherland", "Zheng ship" will span two ocean to carry a friendly greeting China people, visit world with friendship exchange links add routes, new style show Chinese Navy development. Zheng Hejian is China’s own design and manufacture of the first ocean sailing training ship. Since the service launched nearly 30 years, 28 countries 13 carrying China Naval Academy friendly envoy voyage of the sea and port, the total range of more than 38 nautical miles, known as the "China military first ship". (Editor: Yan Yujie the Yellow River)相关的主题文章: