Nepal’s capital strike calls for food

The capital of Nepal strikes to ensure food safety for the original title: Nepal strikes to ensure that the new food safety agency called for in November 13 Kathmandu Xinhua (reporter Zhang Chenyi) the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) militant factions in Kathmandu on 13 strike. It is reported that the main purpose of the strike is to ensure food safety. Food safety issues have been plaguing the Nepalese people. Due to poor water quality and other factors, the country’s food safety is often difficult to be effectively protected. In Nepal, Sunday is a working day. But China News Agency reporter saw that morning, some schools in Kathmandu, shops and other institutions closed door. The main street has not seen the past The stream never stops flowing. traffic. Because of prior notice, official vehicles to avoid the road; many private cars parked on the roadside or berth; while the former is a landscape of Kathmandu motorcycle army, in the morning became "stragglers and disbanded soldiers". However, the three wheeled bus is still in operation. Contrast with the traffic flow is a sharp increase in security forces. The office of the president, the prime minister and the downtown area, traffic area surrounding the security point to close than usual. A large number of security vehicles are patrolling the main road. Benefit from this, the famous commercial district of Tamil Nadu business is basically in normal business. There are reports that the police arrested more than 70 people in Kathmandu on the same day in different parts of the strike. 12 evening, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal issued a notice to remind the Chinese out of the country must pay attention to safety. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: