Netizen Zaibao quit addiction School 1 years of the 30 thousand kinds of dark corporal punishment baxia

Netizen Zaibao quit addiction School: 1 years of the 30 thousand kinds of "dark corporal punishment" from February 26, 2016 is the "set" catch into the school, 16 year old Heilongjiang girl Chen Xinran began a nightmare of life, known as the Shandong science and technology college where the defense of her life "terrorist, selfish, dog cage". Four months later, she left the school as a problem juvenile correction. In September 16th, her mother was tied to death, she became a fugitive police reward. The next day, she surrendered to the police. Shandong science and Technology Institute of defense reporters found that she left in the diary, she caught a clear record of the process and after school, including school instructors frequently even corporal punishment beatings of students, but also at the toilet for dinner. In September 20th, the reporter went to the school is located in Ji’nan Guodian, 10 minutes from the airport, to see the school roof oversized font. The names from the way you can. The street naked in front of the school gate sideways, and sometimes there are container trucks and cement mixers roaring, visible dust. In the main industrial enterprises in Jigang developed Guo Zhen, reporters repeatedly asked the reporter found, few people know the existence of this school — school network rail fence with barbed wire, starting from the four floor, each floor has iron gate. Shandong science and Technology Institute of defense website said: "1996" school, science education, has successfully helped more than 7000 young people grow out of trouble. Ji’nan City Bureau of education only registered a professional quit addiction schools, students more than and 580 people." In the full iron fence schoolhouse, there are many unknown doubts: the school denied an interview with reporters, at present the school has to treat Internet addiction and rebellious youth business regulation; two as a sign of "psychological counseling experts" experience complex, one can not find papers and monographs published in psychology…… When a reporter asked the door is responsible for the enrollment of students, the school has no corporal punishment? He is quite alert to answer: "we are quality education." Shandong science and technology college campus violence defense put into the school in February 26th, Chen Xinran in only one day of the nightclub, by his father and a group of relatives identified, two strange man approached her strong hold. Resistance is in vain. Record the situation at that time she left the diary, she was in a "Lu A license plate of the car. The two men holding her legs and hands, pressed her in a car. A young woman found her body, her body of cigarettes, mobile phones, money are taken away. Chen Xinran took a turn, the woman’s face, next to a tall man quickly grabbed her hair, pull. "Ah!" That woman’s name is up. Her face was bitten off a piece of meat, bleeding. The tall man grabbed Chen Xinran’s hair, quickly put her into the saddle and the gap between his knees, with his knee hard top her shoulders. The other man quickly started the car, and the woman hugged Chen Xinran’s leg. Log shows, halfway, she wanted to run on the road two times, all.相关的主题文章: