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News background: China friendly relations with Bangladesh memorabilia – International – original title: News Background: China friendly relations with Bangladesh memorabilia of Xinhua news agency in Beijing in October 14, Chinese news background: friendly relations with Bangladesh memorabilia of Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Long Qin China and Bangladesh are traditional friendly neighbors. October 4, 1975, the two countries formally established diplomatic relations. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 41 years ago, the healthy and stable development of China Bangladesh relations. The high-level exchanges between the two countries have maintained a good momentum of economic cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and investment. In January 1977, Bangladesh chief executive of martial law, the army chief of staff general Rachman Zia’s visit to China?. Since November 1975 he master Meng power after actively develop relations with the Chinese. March 1978, when he was Vice Premier Li Xiannian’s official visit to bangladesh. This is the first visit of Chinese leaders meng. In July 1980, Bangladesh president Zia? Rachman and his wife to visit China. The two governments signed a loan agreement and air transport agreement. In November 1982, President of the Bangladesh Council of ministers Hossain Mohamed Ershad?? on an official visit to China. He served as president in December 1983, after years in 1985, in 1987, in the year of 1990, in the year of four. March 1986, when he was president Li Xiannian’s state visit to bangladesh. November 1989, when he was Premier Li Peng’s official visit to bangladesh. In the meantime, the two governments signed a visa free trade agreements, trade agreements and other 5 documents. In June 1991, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Carly Zia? On an official visit to Chinese. The two sides signed the agreement on economic and technological cooperation between the two countries and the trade protocol. In September 1996, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina official visit to Chinese?. The two countries signed the agreement, bilateral economic and technological cooperation, encouragement and protection of investment agreement, Meng avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion agreement. January 2002, when he was Premier Zhu Rongji’s official visit to. In the meantime, the two sides signed 7 cooperation documents in the fields of economy, technology and culture. In December 2002, when he was Prime Minister Carly’s visit to Meng Zia?. The prime ministers of the two countries have exchanged visits within one year, laying a solid foundation for the further development of bilateral relations in the new century. April 2005, when he was Premier Wen Jiabao’s official visit to bangladesh. The two sides agreed to establish a comprehensive and cooperative partnership of long-term friendship, equality and mutual benefit between the two countries. May 2008, Sichuan, China after the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, the Bangladesh government announced on May 21st as a national day of mourning, and sent a special plane to the disaster area of Sichuan to carry relief supplies. March 2010, Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina’s visit to china. The two governments issued a joint statement, announced the establishment and development of a closer partnership of comprehensive cooperation. In June 2010, when he was vice president Xi Jinping to Bangladesh相关的主题文章: