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Next year, you will be able to use these new machines on these processors – Sohu technology from Android and iOS smartphone outbreak began, the phone’s hardware configuration is also in the speed of rapid iteration in the thunder. With the intelligent mobile phone war armaments, Qualcomm snapdragon, TI OMAP, Samsung Exynos, NVIDIA Tegra, apple A, HUAWEI, MediaTek Helio kylin SoC brand also gradually for consumers to know. In the years of intelligent mobile phone mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, SoC fight, some brands have been pulled out of the market, while others are in their own position in the market to stand up. The former is represented by TI, while the latter represents mediatek. Coincidentally, has always been known for the cost of MediaTek recently released Helio X30 is also set off a new round of mobile processors prelude to war. Run again burst table Helio X30 MediaTek recently released the latest flagship SoC – Helio X30. On the book, compared to the previous SoC X10 X20 has made considerable progress. First of all, although X30 is still the three plex A35 core architecture of the X20, it is composed of 2×, A73+4×, A53+4×, A35, which is the core of the A73 core, and the core of the best energy efficiency ratio. More critical is that, in addition to the progress of the core architecture, X30 process technology has also improved to 10nm. GPU, Helio X30 with four Imagination PowerVR core 7XTP, compared to the previous weak GPU, considerable progress is X30. The rest of the details, Helio X30 support 8GB RAM, the highest support for UFS2.1 storage, Cat.10 LTE, the camera’s maximum support 28 million pixels, LPDDR4X. Contrast, Helio X30 performance compared to Helio 43%, power consumption reduced by 53%, X20. Run sub can reach 160 thousand. There are claims that Helio X30 will be in the first quarter of next year mass production. This also with the Taiwan semiconductor circuit diagram "10nm will go into production before the end of the year, 7Nm’s trial production early in April next year consistent message. Previously, in order to get rid of MTK gives the impression of cheap, MediaTek last year launched a special sub brand Helio, and through the "million plan levy" for its campaign. If the breakdown of the following Helio series, P series relative to the entry, while the X series is more flagship, this series also represents the determination of the impact of MediaTek high-end market. Even X10 also accompanied by HTC One M9+ came to more than 4000 yuan market相关的主题文章: