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"Nine · sea and clouds" special "Oriental charm exposure etiquette reproduction sea animal husbandry clouds" etiquette special entertainment news by Tencent Kyushu DreamWorks produced, Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, Yiwei Zhou, Xu Lu, Janice Man, Zhang Jianing and other stars of the Oriental fantasy epic "nine & middot; sea and clouds" has recently exposed the etiquette special, detailed analysis of the ritual ceremony. Special to Wo wash the ceremony begins, to worship the courtiers, to fine tableware placed, all with meticulous, full of sense of ceremony, reflecting the "nine · sea of clouds"; and the meticulous and rigorous. The drama etiquette guide Li Bin said that the etiquette is to weeks, under the rule of the Qing Dynasty to the fusion, "the most important thing is to hope that we begin to pay attention to our own culture Chinese." In homage to the history of ancient Kyushu · "pursuit of sincerity; marine animal husbandry clouds" after the exposure of the trailers, Su Yuning married instrument has set off the upsurge of discussion. Etiquette guide Li Bin admitted that Zhongzhou’s clothing style is biased in the Tang Dynasty, this gave me a contract into the point, through my own understanding, with the propriety of the dynasty. When the reference is the Zhou Dynasty ritual, this is my understanding of the temperament of Zhongzhou." Li Bin hopes to become gift emanating from one thing, "this will be because of his internal cultivation, knowledge and life experience is different, showing different rhythms and different style of ritual ceremony." The environment is different from Zhongzhou Han state, Li Bin is so designed: "in the early Han state is one, they have their own set of norms of the ceremony, they are the same. But they don’t often make a gift, because they forget their pride, just scattered brothers, but their roots are the same." During the shoot, and Peng Guanying played TWINTEX Ge also revealed that he had problems because of etiquette and guidance for a long time to discuss: "the role of Ge morerebellious, I think he will think of his ritual is bound, but the etiquette teacher’s advice: grew up in this environment, the every act and every move all etiquette is a kind of habit. Etiquette and not bound to my acting but help me, let me believe that I am a prince "; Xu Lu also spoilers:" the director asked if we do this thing is he must do the most extreme, many small details are very delicate". With the east to regain a prominent feature of cultural connotation of Chinese civilization is the "civilization", the ritual value is not limited in the daily etiquette level, but a social sense of order, aesthetic connotation, bearing identity, or even to many ethnic groups as a whole bond. Ceremony is a basic feature of Chinese culture, but also the continuation of thousands of years of continuous kernel. National Day is approaching, "nine · sea and clouds" special offer "sincerity exposure etiquette ceremony", the drama of etiquette pursuit, essence is to regain the China culture spirit inherent. As Li Bin said: "the etiquette guide has been very want to work to reflect our own country, because the nation, dynasties changed constantly, culture shock, derived from a cultural Chinese own state, I don’t want"相关的主题文章: