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No file where can do down’s screening? – Sohu has a lot of maternal pregnant mother because of various reasons and missed the filing time, resulting in not filing, not filing after listen to the hospital will not accept any inspection, leaving no filing of the pregnant mother very worried. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital not filing the same could be done Tang sieve check, and check whether the filing filing does not conflict, according to the personal choice of pregnant women. Taiwan hospital Down’s screening and filing does not conflict, they can check after filing and other hospital, Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital, considering that for some reason to miss the filing of the pregnant mother to the hospital, you can check, then after filing, filing and check whether the filing does not conflict, respect for personal choice of pregnant women, maternal attention health. Taiwan: screening for Down syndrome screening category Taiwan Tang screening is in the traditional Tang screening of maternal serum three indicators on the basis of using serological screening method combined with Down syndrome, take down’s screening method according to different gestational weeks by pregnant women, pre birth, weight, age and gestational age at the time of collection and calculate the "risk factor" rate ". 1, non invasive through the collection of maternal peripheral blood, extraction free sieve. 2, screening more – can be screened, including Down syndrome, including a variety of genetic diseases. 3, more confidence – to avoid misdiagnosis, errors and other reasons for pregnant women abortion, while improving the health of the baby’s birth ratio. Why do prenatal advocate archiving? How to file? "Filing" is to establish a hospital archives for the development status of pregnant women and fetal health records of mothers in each check, all information throughout pregnancy to do a record, including pregnancy, fetal monitoring, pre production period, the hospital will be unified inform. Convenient for doctors filing pregnant mothers in different situations problems can be timely put forward reasonable solutions, on the other hand, the emergency situation occurs during pregnancy, generally do not receive no documentation of the pregnant mother, would be a serious life-threatening. The island building is fast and convenient, they can check the check after filing, filing does not conflict with full respect for personal choice. Compared to other hospital, Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital filing process is convenient. Just get familiar with the process. You only need to register: staff that you do is check the first time to provide identity card and check the information you can filing, other documents can not go through the late succession. * file: the routine check: 12 weeks BC NT, urine routine, blood routine, liver function, without waiting in line, fast, customer service secretary; after the examination, namely complete filing. The establishment of "maternal and child health health records" to carry the following information in Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital: 1 couples were pregnant women in the city accounts please bring both ID and residence. The man for the city account of pregnant women, please carry both the identity card and the man account. Both sides of the field account for pregnant women to carry both the identity card and the temporary residence permit. 2 books when you carry within one week of the blood and urine routine test, blood type, electrocardiogram and ultrasound report. On the island after filing, professional doctor will according to your situation.相关的主题文章: