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North Canton deep about the threshold of the car driver into the focus of controversy whether the new deal too strict? Beijing Shanghai local household registration, Shenzhen to residence permit, Guangzhou local licensing network about the new car is too strict? With public opinion decoding 8, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four on the same day issued a service management solutions about network car draft: Beijing and Shanghai have asked the driver did not mention the Guangzhou local household registration system; household registration, but must be less than one year, the Guangdong A license plate car to do network about cars; Shenzhen asked the driver is local household registration or to the residence permit may apply for. Known as "the history of the most stringent" about the new car as a "deep bomb" into the media arena, so all of a sudden "Beijing Beijing car Public opinion is seething with indignation.," "Shanghai Shanghai brand" and other rules of public debate. A few hours on the release of the new deal in the country about the car network, occupy the network about the car market half of the country drops the first time issued a strongly worded statement, to discuss together with the relevant departments and all sectors of society the new deal "". With the network about the vehicle platform have been stated, this will have an impact on the operator, the network about the driver and passengers have multiple effects of the new deal caused by public opinion storm is still fermenting. The Nanfang Daily reporter Chen Chen driver threshold into the focus of debate is the first public debate, some local governments about the new car driver for network proposed registration threshold. For example, in Beijing and Shanghai draft, the network about the driver must have a local household registration, Shenzhen area is required to hold the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone residence permit, the public can become a network about car driver. This rigid requirements immediately on the Internet to divide the "quite" and "anti" two teams. Support the household registration threshold to the users that require network about car drivers must be local household registration can make the network about the car market more standardized, reduce security risks; against the household registration threshold of netizens said that local drivers to open network about cars is a geographical discrimination, a management "across the board" too. Micro-blog V users @ @ Su Ji Ning "in the" Sina Technology "for the network to investigate whether support the" household registration threshold "message said," this is the birth of territorial management of administrative policy supporting mechanism, "a foreign car driver passenger passenger alarm bluff and deceive, the newspaper, where the police? If the general economic disputes, then Beijing police on the field and how much capacity of the jurisdiction of the account?" This is micro-blog, there are many users of the "household registration threshold" next door not to regard it as right, @ @ Uncle Wang said, "if the taxi will require local nationals then there is no problem. But if all the taxi drivers are local, other places I do not know, Hangzhou more than half of the taxi outage." In micro-blog "traffic safety Milo on whether to support the" network survey of Shanghai network about cars required the driver vehicle license local local household registration ", 1256 users to participate in 1057 expressed support, support rate as high as 84%, and another 171 people said they do not support, the total number of survey 13.6%. The views of the community network should be fully Jina car about the introduction of the new deal a few hours, the network about the car market "boss" drops to sit, the first time issued a strongly worded statement, said the harsh network about cars on相关的主题文章: