Not brush glory won the double eleven sales champion behind the Sohu of science and

Not "brush": glory won the "double eleven" sales champion behind Sohu technology and ever, just ended the "double eleven", has become the focus of domestic mobile phone companies to compete for the battlefield and the industry’s attention once again. But it is different from the past, there is a mobile phone brand in the double 11 day, to prove their own sales data, invited the authority of the media Zhongguancun online 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring 11 background data, in the form of live sales data show to consumers, and ultimately achieve the double 11 + Tmall Android won the Jingdong mobile phone sales real champions, total sales of over 2 billion 200 million, more than second more than 100 million yuan more to become the focus of the double eleven "in focus, this is the glory. So the question is, in the online shopping market is repeated in order to prove their brand and best-selling products, some enterprises "brush" more than, even as its normal circumstances, why dare to be the first to honor their online shopping background data is completely transparent and monitored to "eat crab"? First, as mentioned above, popular in the Internet today, some enterprises (including mobile phone companies) for the marketing performance and to break as a corporate social responsibility and the bottom line, adopt various means of unfair competition, the "brush" is the most common and typical performance. "There is a single brush" to the market and users caused great distress at the same time, also caused the unfair competition in the market, there may even cause bad money drives out good money "the consequences in the benign competition, hindering the development of the industry. From this perspective, the glory of the entire public background sales data and accept monitoring practices, as the industry leader in highlighting its proper corporate responsibility and fair competition at the same time, also has an important demonstration value and significance for the whole industry. In fact, some enterprises "behind the canvass brush", lack of product innovation, poor quality is the intrinsic reason. The so-called "do not play on stage, bring props" is the truth, and dared to glory in the "double eleven" staged an anti scalping drama behind the innovation and product quality is the key to support. Mention of innovation, the industry knows, HUAWEI invested every year at least 10% of the income for more than and 10 years in R & D, R & D investment (over 190 billion yuan), which is beyond the reach of many enterprises. Only in 2014, HUAWEI consumers BG R & D investment of $1 billion 200 million, in the world has 16 research and development centers, and the innovation resources and technical advantages of organic medium together through the R & D center, construction of global innovation ability. Specific to the glory, the focus has been the accumulation of technology, have a large number of patents, such as the first venture inside dual camera 6Plus glory, only one of the two lens technology has more than 32 patents, 4X CNC RF antenna technology patents are also more than 7. In addition, the glory of the intellectual power technology, under the same battery capacity, can ensure that the mobile phone battery life upgrade more than 30%; wisdom like technology, through a unique camera algorithm, greatly enhance the ability to make mobile phone camera; intelligent control technology, to enhance the performance of infrared remote control and mobile phone experience, can light.相关的主题文章: